STOP! Why you should WAIT for Apple’s M2 iPad Pro..
Max Tech
Apple is about to revolutionize the tablet industry again with the new M2 iPad Pro coming later this year, so let's talk about the main features including why Apple is redesigning it.. again!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are you planning on buying the M2 iPad Pro? Comment below!

  • AzureArcher

    Will it come with an M2-exclusive calculator app? Only made possible with a new swap memory feature on the 24 GB RAM configuration? That must be the reason we don't have it yet on our 2020 iPad Pros that are too weak and old to run Stage Manager. 🥴

  • Alien Al 2.0
    Alien Al 2.0

    I think what we really need now is the software/OS. The hardware itself is already powerful with the A12Z/ M1.

  • Cameron Hetzler
    Cameron Hetzler

    Just to save everyone the suspense - this is how this channel will go over the next 12 months:

  • Nine B
    Nine B

    Doesn’t matter what they do with the hardware. It’s the software. It can be as powerful as possible, if it’s just iOS on a bigger screen it’s useless

  • SoYoung24

    Its disappointing to see Apple neglect the 11' so much. For a "Pro" device, we deserve miniLED for this format as well. A 14.1' iPad is just ridiculous at this point and will only be usable as a "laptop" set up. I don't see anyone using a big iPad like that as a tablet.

  • stross

    Ya know, I’m pretty happy with my 2018 iPad Pro. I’ve invested a lot of money into my M1 Pro MacBook Pro 16” which is a my real work horse machine where as my iPad is more my media machine. I don’t know what it’ll take for Apple to get me to upgrade but even this stuff, if any of it actually happens, doesn’t seem to be convincing to me for an upgrade. Cool stuff though.

  • Stefan Rusche
    Stefan Rusche

    If wireless MagSafe would be introduced for the iPad Pro, Apple would have to up the wattage since as I understand it, the iPad Pro needs at least 18 watts to charge. Current MagSafe only delivers 15 watts max.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    It's interesting but I disagree; I actually don't think a 14" iPad is compelling. And I am a huge fan of Apple products; heck that's all I've used for the past 10 years. I have a 2018 12.9" iPad Pro, and I love it. But I love it due to its versatility. For me personally, it IS a laptop replacement with the magic keyboard. It works so well swiping thru virtual desktops and having all my apps set up in split screen the way I want them. But, the reason I choose iPad over a MacBook is because it is also such a great tablet. It's not too big at 12.9" to be used as a tablet, and this is for me personally. I love browsing websites in portrait mode on such a large screen (having a whole page of espn at my fingertips in that size is amazing). But going to 14"? Now you're getting to a place where the tablet experience won't be as enjoyable due to the sheer size. And who wants to always use his or her iPad on a stand or desk all the time. The best part of the iPad experience is holding it and interacting with it while holding it. It's such a personal connection that is gained by using it like that (in my opinion). So if we do get an M2 iPad Pro that is 12.9", mini LED and maybe with smaller bezels, I would be all over that thing; I am happy to upgrade after four years of enjoyment of my current iPad so that I can get all the new iPadOS features that are coming. But 14"? I am out on that personally. It's just too big to use holding it as a tablet, and if you're not using an iPad as an iPad, you are losing the aforementioned versatility, and at that point the much better buy is a MacBook running full MacOS.

  • Mattricky

    I’ve got a feeling, that the next mini, with m1/m2 will be excellent.

  • Baba Ghanoush
    Baba Ghanoush

    14 inch iPad seems like a small bump from the 13 inch… which was a noticeable jump from the 10&11 inch iPads… I’ve always thought a 15 inch would’ve the next form upsize. I’d buy it.

  • Two Wheels
    Two Wheels

    I only want two thing:

  • Medite Grub
    Medite Grub

    In my opinion I am not sure if putting glass in the M2 iPad pro from behind would be a great idea, the fact that when gaming on it, it well over heat the iPad making the glass temperature pretty high damaging pretty much of impact from your hands

  • Michael Wiseman
    Michael Wiseman

    I will ONLY upgrade from the M1 12.9" iPad Pro if Apple FINALLY moves the Face ID front camera to the side with the Pencil charger so we can finally have proper eyeline for video calls on the device. Nobody uses their iPads in Portrait Mode anymore, 99% of the time you're in Horizontal Mode. Otherwise the M1 is already overkill and future-proof and don't need to upgrade just for MagSafe charging and a slight speed bump that's really not going to be noticeable on iPadOS.

  • Von

    I once had a dream of having an iPadPro 12.9. I really did my best earning money to buy but I had to make a sacrifice for my first born just this Feb. 14. Maybe a glimpse and watching reviews of such tablet would be enough for now 😅 belated happy Father's Day to all dads out there! ❤️

  • Wilson Futrell
    Wilson Futrell

    Are they going to switch the camera location to be on top in landscape mode?

  • Flames

    I really want to upgrade because of the new camera placement, but I'm not so sure about the glass back. Is it still worth it?

  • Robb Weeks
    Robb Weeks

    That larger Apple logo looks waaaaaay too gaudy. But I also think the Macbook’s MagSafe version wouldn’t look very good either. It’ll probably be something unlike we’ve currently seen.

  • thedimka

    Vadim, it would make a lot of sense to add iPhone style magsafe to the back of the iPad and magic keyboard case, yet not in the center. They might do that the way and iPhone would snap in the back and be used as a main camera. Similar to what Craig have shown us with special mount for MacBooks.

  • zeldera

    Based on my observation Apple has been wanting people to use and buy a ipad instead of a macbook with all the aggressive desktop level features in ipad OS. A 14.1 inch would definitely make me and alot of people switch.