Why Apple's M2 Pro MacBooks will be BETTER than you think!
Max Tech
I believe Apple's M2 Pro/Max chips will be based on the NEW 3nm process node from TSMC instead of the current 5nm node that the M2 chip is based on.. and I can PROVE IT!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do you agree with my thoughts on Apple using 3nm tech for M2 Pro/Max? Comment below!

  • Dulistan Heman
    Dulistan Heman

    3nM means longer battery life due to small size processor and small wattage usage. This is amazing move from Apple.

  • Erick8a51

    For those that think N3 won’t come in the M2Pro/Max series Don’t forget apple did this same thing back with the A10/A10x chips. A10 was built on a 16 nanometer process node but the A10X was built on a 10 nanometer process node.

  • DRIS

    Tomorrow: "Why You Shouldn't Buy The M2 Macbooks..."

  • seecraig

    I'm going to spend the rest of my life waiting for the next Apple processor and the next and the next. As it is there are still wait times for certain build-to-order Mac Studio M1 Max models. Apple struggles to meet demand on the current chips and the next ones are already going into production. Truly frustrating waiting for a current processor while the next version is already going into production.

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    This is so awesome!.-Really appreciate your efforts in creating these informative videos,I love how detailed yet simple you make all your videos!.They are very entertaining and amazing!.-Keep it up!.

  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi

    This makes perfect sense to me, and it allows Apple to differentiate the single core performance between the regular M2 and the rest of the lineup. I'll be sticking with my base M1 Pro 14" MacBook Pro for a good few years though. Maybe I'll get an M3/4 Pro in about 5 years.

  • Rex Videos
    Rex Videos

    Max, you said Apple appears to be on an 18 month development process for new M chips. How will that work for a new A series chip every year in the iPhone if they are moving to a new M to A development from the old A to M? Thanks for the videos!

  • Aixiis

    How it feels to watch you channel :

  • Goobfilm cast
    Goobfilm cast

    Moving to a longer timeline between Processor releases makes complete sense. Apple is no longer bound by Intel's "advancements" in CPU designs. With the shift to Apple Silicon, it appears that the gains in processing power gives each SoC version a longer productive "lifespan". Frankly, while I am admittedly a Non-Pro user, my 2 year-old base Mini is still a packs a serious punch..less need for me to consider an upgrade for at least another 18-24 months. This astoundingly good performance from such a budget offering cements my confidence in Apple moving forward and keeps me a loyal customer.

  • azatecas

    im rocking the m1 air 16gb, im still blown away by the performance. im a developer and it meets all my needs for app development

  • Mike Boatright
    Mike Boatright

    M3 will be 3nm. M2 pro/mac/ultra will stay the same as M2. Just because TSMC moves their timeline up doesn't mean apple can. M2 pro/max are already being tested in house on the advanced 5nm process for fall 2023 release.

  • Jordan

    Yep this makes perfect sense. Typically new/expensive technology is used first in the premium/high end products, with the “trickle down” over time of those technologies to the lower end products.

  • VTT Advisor
    VTT Advisor

    I agree on virtually all of your points. The one caveat I would suggest is that building UP complexity is usually the better, easier approach as you can test features, prove workability, and simplify and accelerate advanced development by nailing down the foundation technology. The advanced chips do not just pop into existence without development. As with the Apple Silicon transition, the simpler chips came first, and each chip thereafter added onto existing chip (until the Extreme which duped a chip and added the crossbar). I believe Apple engineers will stick with this practice going forward.

  • Tony Burzio
    Tony Burzio

    Technically, it'll be an (M2) Pro and (M2 Pro) Pro Macbook. Hopelessly confusing of course, but I think they will drop the older M2 (!) chip and fold the Pro designation into just a plain old 3nm M2. How deliciously Apple!

  • haysoos123

    All very interesting speculation, and the future is very exciting indeed. I'll be waiting for apple to add hardware ray tracing before upgrading from M1 Max. Would be interesting if they do add it to the M2 pro chips, but I've heard no speculation on this.

  • ziggy29

    It seems odd to me that an M2 Pro and M2 Max would be 3nm when the base M2 is 5nm. Seems to me that would be enough of a chip evolution to call it the M3, but we'll see.

  • Michael Moy
    Michael Moy

    Seriously nice if they do this. I don't see upgrading my M1 Pro MacBook Pro for this though. I don't need more performance in any aspect. What I would be interested in is a 3 nm MacBook Air 15. I still think that the M1 MacBook Pro 16 is the best laptop built right now. But there are times when I'd like something lighter. Shirt design is cool.

  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi

    Scaling down is what Intel does and they are famous for their inefficient lower end chips, Apple's whole thing is performance

  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi