13" M2 MacBook Pro vs 14" MacBook Pro - What you NEED to KNOW!
Max Tech
Every Feature and Spec Compared and How to Choose the Right MacBook Pro for You!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    This video is for those that are ordering right at launch and have been asking for help deciding on which one to buy!

  • Gongtopia

    I treated myself to a 14" MBP with the full Pro chip in April. It has been amazing to use. I love everything about it (SD card reader! Yeah), so I'm not sad I didn't wait for the recent M2 MacBooks, or even the next ones, presumably with the upgraded M2 Pro chips. You've got to jump in the water sometimes, and the 14" is such a perfect machine for audio & video production. I'm looking forward to where this Apple silicon project is going to in the future…

  • anonymous

    I’m guessing most people who would choose the 13” MB Pro over the M1 or M2 Air would not be happy with 8gb of ram.

  • Karo

    Me myself I love my 2019 13” MacBook Pro with the touch bar but I also love the new MacBook Pro design but I am not a fan of the removal of the Touch Bar. They should have the option to have a touch bar or have physical keys. At the moment I’m in two minds to go for the 14” or 16” just because of the Touch Bar situation

  • Lens Placide
    Lens Placide

    @MaxTech I'm having a hard time choosing between the M2 MBA and the base 14" M1 MBP. Which is a better financial decision? Can we have a side by side comparison? Thank you!

  • Matty Crayon - Educational Videos for Kids
    Matty Crayon - Educational Videos for Kids

    Thanks for the great videos. I'm still in a conundrum on if or what I should upgrade to. I have a late 2018 MBP, with 1TB, 32GB and Vega 20. It's been a treat to use it, but recently, just having FCP and Photoshop open slows it down quite a bit. FCP on it's own seems fine and I only edit mostly 12 min long, 1080 video, with a few GoPro, iPhone 4K B-Roll. It also doesn't handle some effect well, without rendering that section. Processing time is bearable.

  • TheRookie GB/UK
    TheRookie GB/UK

    I can’t wait for you to test the M2 MBP. I know it’s an older design but I think it still looks great and will have a market out there. For the person who wants a active cooling Mac, is happy with the base spec and can save £700 on a MBP 14 m1 pro.

  • PfropfNo1

    Im glad i got the M1 macbook air. Im not a huge fan of the bulky design. 2020 Macbook air combines sleeks design with amazing performance. The one and only thing that slightly bothers me is the small screen (coming from windows, I used 15.4"), and the M2 is an improvement with smaller bezels. However, I learned to love the small and light design because combined with the crazy battery life, i almost use it like a tablet on the couch, on the desk, lap, bed... My windows laptop used to sit in the same place for weeks because it was heavy and bulky

  • Clement Tong - The Everyday Boy 2 (Backup)
    Clement Tong - The Everyday Boy 2 (Backup)

    The general complaint by my classmates is that the 14 is really heavy, especially if you have an iPad too. I personally use the 13 air for the least weight. We need an eco friendly carbon fibre like MacBook 14

  • TheDistrict644

    You have to watch this a few times to distinguish which one will be better for you. Its easy to get lost in the shuffle, if you aren't familiar with the both. Even though I know the difference between the M1 and M2 chip, it can be tough to keep up when your talking about pros and cons, in addition to performance. It's a good thing the air wasn't being discussed or I really would have been left in the woods. Thanks for the vid.

  • Thabit Pulak
    Thabit Pulak

    M2 MacBook Pro isn’t bad - it has a very similar screen to the M2 MacBook Air (the air has more colors now, but no one would say that M2 MBP’s screen is bad by any means) , with better battery life. It also has no notch, which is a pretty big plus for some.

  • Ultrasound Music
    Ultrasound Music

    Contrary to popular belief and thought process, I wanna believe the M2 MBP might just be great value for anyone who doesn't need the New Appl design.

  • Charlie Gundlach
    Charlie Gundlach

    Great video! I really like seeing the new laptops and workstations Apple are putting out.

  • Ariel Kanelson
    Ariel Kanelson

    I’m still unsure if get the M1 Pro MBP or the new M2 with memory and ssd upgrades used for software development, lots of docker containers. BTW really good videos as always.

  • woolfel

    The one area where M2 will definitely beat M1Pro and M1Max is apple neural engine. I've done benchmarks comparing M1 Air to M1Max with densenet121 and M1 air is faster than my M1Max. With the ANE improvements, applications that use machine learning models should see a significant boost.

  • Robert Cleckley
    Robert Cleckley

    I bought the M1 pro 14 in base model for almost every reason besides the chip set and horse power. Standard 16GB Ram, 512GB internal storage, speakers, Mini LED Display, Webcam, Ports, and Dual external Display output.

  • Harry

    I honestly like the touch bar but the fact that it is keeping the same display is such a turn off for me

  • Michael

    Just wanted to point out my 8 year old MBP 13" has this supposedly new SD card card ready, can easily drive dual displays, all this in a lighter and smaller package than the "new an improved" 14" and was cheaper when new... So much for advancements in tech.

  • Henry Chen
    Henry Chen

    I’ll take the significantly higher battery life and lighter weight of the 13 inch m2 over the 14 inch

  • Jose Rodriguez
    Jose Rodriguez

    Hi Max, thanks a lot for sharing such valuable info.