M1 vs M2 Chip: Is Apple's M2 Chip a DISAPPOINTMENT? 🤔
Max Tech
Apple's new M2 chip comes with some decent performance jumps according to Apple, but what happens when we actually dig into the real numbers and remove the marketing fluff?!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are YOU Disappointed by the M2 chip's performance? Comment below!

  • Joel Bierman
    Joel Bierman

    It's unrealistic to expect giant leaps in performance every generation.

  • Morten

    The M2 isn't so much "disappointing" more like the M1 was just overwhelming.

  • Augusto Galindo
    Augusto Galindo

    It is still a considerable jump compared to the 5% at best that we used to have with Intel chips

  • Arif Saja
    Arif Saja

    Not necessarily true. People expect Apple to come with a ground breaking chipset every year, but that's not realistic. Look at Intel before this, or bionic chipset from Apple itself, they're only provide incremental improvement year on year. So this M2 is a legit new chipset, not merely a stopgap. We can't expect Apple to release another big tech improvement every year. It takes time.

  • Pitesh Mistry
    Pitesh Mistry

    TBH I'm not that disappointed. Even if this is a 'stop-gap', the M chips have been so impressive overall, that a small bump up in performance for M2 is still pretty good. Also for the M2 MBA to have that level of performance in such a thin chassis, is very impressive considering what was available 3 years ago

  • Dragons in Genesis Podcast
    Dragons in Genesis Podcast

    20% increase CPU, 35% increase GPU, 50% more memory, 50% more memory bandwidth. That’s a good increase in a single generation. And that added GPU performance and memory means the M2 Air will work quite well for the vast majority of content creators.

  • Jay Francis
    Jay Francis

    This chip isn’t suppose to be the next best thing in terms of all the M1 chips. That would kill off everything they got as far as pro and max. It’s the base chip

  • Michell Santana
    Michell Santana

    A deep dive into video editing between the 16-inch M1 Pro base model and the M2 MBA with the core 10 core gpu is definitely a video that I want watch.

  • Jeffrey R
    Jeffrey R

    I definitely disagree. This is still a larger /on average performance increase especially seeing there isn’t a new process yet. Apple isn’t hiding poor performance, they are adding cores to a chip designed for the same thermal envelope as last year. Is it a huge upgrade no but is it m11.5 , no. Last time I checked they added whole media engines that weren’t there last year , a 40% improvement in ml performance, more ram support , higher bandwidth. None of these things are trivial and take time and work to implement.

  • pax und peace
    pax und peace

    You have to go step by step and this is not a disappointment.

  • Petra Verbruggen
    Petra Verbruggen

    Not at all dissapointing. We already knew the M-series are part of the scaled architecture that starts from an A-series chip/soc. So it’s perfectly ok it’s a copy and paste. But like you mention it’s also adding the prores/hevc functions that boost performance significantly. Can’t talk about your upgrade strategy, but I typically purchase a new laptop every 6 years, 6 times a small increment makes it a huge bump in 2026/2027. (iPhone I also skip two generations for the same reason). That being said, I am going to purchase the M2 Macbook AIR as my second and travel laptop as my M1 Max Macbook Pro is too expensive to travel with.

  • Steve Zissou
    Steve Zissou

    Not really disappointed, considering the supply chain challenges that not even Tim Apple can solve, who up to now has been a genius in this field

  • Suki Suki
    Suki Suki

    It wasn't as groundbreaking as M1 but most apps demand for computing power haven't really evolved to a point that requires superb improvements from the og m1 chip.

  • Golden

    As someone who has been working in the semiconductor industry for many years, my observation is that since the feature size has been close to dozen’s of atoms wide, it’s increasingly difficult to shrink the transistor size. New processes will take time. It’s not realistic to expect a brand new chip with new design and process every year. Apple did what it needs to market its products. Whether M2 is worth the premium price or not is a personal decision, depending on the consumer themselves.

  • mitchtheh4x0r

    I really think this is just supposed to be a successor to the regular M1 chip. And not the rest of the lineup. I expect M2 PRO,Max,Ultra . To be released this year similar to last years M1 lineup. Also I do hope that they put the M1 design in the iPhone 14 though the ipad Air is absolutely balling with it in there. Thought the battery life does tend to suffer a bit on my unit

  • William Fernando Oquendo Patiño
    William Fernando Oquendo Patiño

    Nice video. Thanks. I think that, with the m1, Apple has created a lot of expectations that cannot be always fulfilled. Still those machines are great

  • Golly Tosky
    Golly Tosky

    The M2 chip is not even close to being a disappointment, 20% increase in CPU, 35% boost in GPU for a single generation leap is more than enough, keep in mind it draws the same power as the M1 despite having 2 extra GPU cores. The only thing that's not impressive about the M2 is the price

  • bushgreen

    If apple stick to 18 month refresh cycle then the M3 will launch after the iPhone 15 and be based on the A17 not A16.

  • sweealamak

    Not disappointed and happy they are not leaping ahead too quickly. The 5nm process node is so scalable it's fantastic and helps keep prices down as much as possible. The 3nm node is not ready and may not be for many more years to come knowing how compact transistors are with atomic level pinching and bleeding. I can only imagine the yields on that silicon are really poor at the moment.