Apple is Finally FIXING the iPad Pro at WWDC (iPadOS 16)
Max Tech
The iPad Pro has been in a tough place the past few years, with the hardware and chip vastly outperforming the actual software, but now, EVERYTHING is Changing.. for the BETTER!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Which iPadOS 16 Feature are YOU looking forward to the MOST? Comment below!

  • Zeco

    At this point I have no hope for my iPad Pro getting any more “pro” -

  • dlanoD nocO
    dlanoD nocO

    What I want is that it will fully supports external display!.

  • Albrnzo

    My expectations are low. I was excited when I saw that M1 MacBooks could run ipad/ios apps. Now iPads have the exact same hardware, there’s absolutely no reason it cant run Mac OS apps (made for apple silicone). Resizable windows isn’t enough. If they don’t allow this, it’s still a case of Apple deliberately blocking the functionality of the iPad. My 2018 iPad Pro is still good enough to be an inflated phone with a stylus.

  • Louis Broomes
    Louis Broomes

    I can touch the hype with my hands through my M1 iPad Pro! I’d love this stuff to be true but wow, the disappointment is gonna be so immense if Apple releases anything short of what’s mentioned in the “leaks”. I expect a new multitask option, some new interactions with magic keyboard and pencil and some new widgets. And that’s it I don’t think we should be getting our hopes up too high for anything else!

  • no1youknowz

    If there was a 32gb and 2tb option. I would strongly consider getting one. The ability to switch the main screen to portrait for coding would be awesome. Also buying a cheap 2nd lcd for a second screen, would be great! Also everything would be very lightweight for on the go...

  • Smitty

    I really hope these changes come true! I would love to have pro features on my iPad Pro

  • Richard M
    Richard M

    I really hope they don’t require the magic keyboard. I love the keyboard folio and prefer it over the magic keyboard as I, among others, need it so I can take notes on a flat surface. I really hope that the Mac experience will work with the keyboard folio.

  • TheTechDude

    Getting terminal on the iPad would be a real game changer for developers and would make the bigger push from laptop dependence.

  • Bapple

    If this does happen, I do think the suspected “mac-looking windows/apple mixer” should not be limited to not just the M1 chips. I personally use a iPad Air gen 4, which doesn’t have the M1 Chip. But I will say it should be more optimal with an M1 iPad.

  • Ramesh Kumar
    Ramesh Kumar

    Honestly, i DONT expect anything huge in the event. Apple events always gives heart attacks when we expect too much.

  • Markux Videos
    Markux Videos

    With the iPad, Apple historically releases hardware before the software is ready. I got the iPad Pro 2018 and I got so sick of waiting for obvious features the device is still missing (better multitasking, audio device management, not trash external display support) that I moved to back to Windows and now I'm on an M1 Pro. It's my fault for expecting features instead of purchasing when they're actually out.

  • M S
    M S

    Great, but no real advantage if ram access is still limited to 6gb (I think?) and if there were to be no improvements regarding pro software

  • Bo Zhao
    Bo Zhao

    The limitation of current iPad Pro is iPad OS. iPad is still a big size phone and less computer. Actually iPad Pro has all the power with which a computer can do the tasks you want.

  • MAN art
    MAN art

    I don’t think I will ever actually use multi size windows in iPad… what I think it needs it’s being able to format external units and maybe some other basic OS functions.

  • Divyansh

    My wishlist:

  • romidontplaythat

    I don't necessarily want a laptop replacement if that means the iPad is just going to be a full-on touchscreen computer. I still want to run iOS apps - I mostly prefer apps over their web page counterparts. I just want more desktop-like features (preferably presented in some sort of desktop mode). With that being said, it would be awesome if the Chrome app could support Chrome extensions. It's one of the main reasons I have to keep jumping on my MacBook from my iPad and why I'm always torn my MacBook doesn't support cellular.

  • evrim aktepe
    evrim aktepe

    I wonder how flexible the software can be!

  • Talha Farid
    Talha Farid

    I want iPad Pro to support virtualization.. running linux on it would be soo much fun.

  • Kevin - 6Y8
    Kevin - 6Y8

    External display support is the BIGGEST change I want to see on iPad Pro. I have the 11" M1 iPad Pro and would seriously consider getting rid of my M1 Mac Mini.