Why I was WRONG (and right) about the M2 MacBook Air.. 🤔
Max Tech
Wait! It wasn't my fault! It was SUPPOSED to have WHITE bezels at WWDC! Let Me Explain..
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do YOU think the M2 MacBook Air is worth $1,199? Comment your thoughts below!

  • Baskoro Surya Putra
    Baskoro Surya Putra

    The new MacBook Air looks like the perfect laptop for portability. Really glad it’s even lighter than the previous Air. Now all we need is a 15” version.

  • 80 80
    80 80

    The new Air looks beautiful in blue. Dark colors and bezels is what everyone wants.

  • We are family
    We are family

    This proves that watching and reading about apple leaks becoming worthless day by day.

  • Elmar Zeinalov
    Elmar Zeinalov

    At this price it's competing with the base 14-inch MacBook Pro, and the latter is probably better in every regard even with the added $300 in mind.

  • Dylan Zimmer
    Dylan Zimmer

    I would’ve loved a 13 inch MacBook Pro that has all the same features as the new air but with the upgraded display from the 14 inch. Instead we got the same old recycled chassis

  • Brevly

    Loving this new design. I can do without pro-motion 120hz, but really wish they included two thunderbolt 4 ports instead of tb3. Apart from that... slam dunk, Apple!

  • KillerNinja0911

    I hope apple brings the Midnight color to the MacBook Pro lineup. And I cannot wait for the M2 Pro/Max/Ultra chipset unveiling. It’s always interesting to see how Apple improves over the previous generations.

  • Hadi Mehdi
    Hadi Mehdi

    Apple really don’t want us to buy the macbook pro at this point

  • AD27

    The Air looks pretty good and the new midnight is beautiful but if you have M1 Air or 13" MBP M1 I don't think it is worth upgrading

  • Keith Chong
    Keith Chong

    Should have kept it at USD 999. If we customize the M2 MB Air specs to match the M2 MB Pro, it's the same price!


    Biggest take away for me besides the M2 macs was the new software allowing your iPhone to act as a webcam for your mac and it being able to preform center stage shots .

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Thanks so much for your awesome and amazing quality content!.Really appreciate your efforts and dedication!.-Also great predictions being correct!.Really love your informative and entertaining content!.

  • Alex Brier
    Alex Brier

    I wonder if they will release the other colors later for the air or on a new base model MacBook. It seems weird to me that the iMac would come in a bunch of colors with white bezels but no MacBooks would match the design?

  • Oshexb

    Apple watch colors match the Macbook Air now. Interesting choice by Apple.

  • Ashley Paul
    Ashley Paul

    The 13" M2 MacBook Pro is truly baffling. It doesn't get MagSafe, thin bezels, nor the new 1080P camera, and is priced exactly the same as the M2 MacBook Air. The new Air seems really nice. I'd recommend it for most people who want a good midrange laptop, and it remains pretty competitive with similar devices like the Dell XPS 13 Plus. That said, those willing to spend on higher-end configurations should probably get a M1 Pro 14 instead for the nicer screen.

  • Sabino II Catcha
    Sabino II Catcha

    The MBA M2 is the NEW MBP M1... I was so excited when he said "M2 is also coming to the second best laptop" and then reveled the MBP M2 with outdated design 🙁

  • Garry Mah
    Garry Mah

    I think the Mac Pro absence may have something to do with the chip supply issue, as they are still struggling to ship the Mac Studio/Mac Pro.

  • Franco Barbagallo
    Franco Barbagallo

    So glad no white keyboard and no funny colors that would be horrible

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen

    Naw, unless my M1 Air mysteriously dies I'll be skipping this iteration...