M1 iPad Pro Review AFTER iPadOS 16 - FINALLY Worth It?
Max Tech
After spending 2 weeks with iPadOS 16 on the M1 iPad Pro, here is our Long-Term Review covering what has been fixed and the Glaring issues that STILL Remain...
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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  • Bear Spicer
    Bear Spicer

    I'm honestly amid the crowd of 2018 iPad Pro owners and I'm very upset that my thousand dollar device isn't getting at least some of these basic external monitor features or desktop modes. It's ridiculous.

  • Mike Levine
    Mike Levine

    The lack of a proper file manager that can format and partition drives is a showstopper for me. I'm really shocked that it's 2022 and Apple seem to either be ignoring this or isn't capable of developing one (there are likely other reasons).

  • chipotleman

    I think there’s still quite a bit to go but it’s a huge step in the right direction. I just want more pro apps period! Ones that work natively on MacOs!

  • dansandiego

    So glad you went further into how Stage Manager works with hiding dock and sidebar. Looks much more usable with those out of the way!

  • Mystic

    Apple choosing to give the best desktop like features for M1 only is simply gate keeping to get people to buy the newest M1 iPads. There is no reason why something so simple can’t be had on all the USB C iPads.

  • Keith Mann
    Keith Mann

    I totally agree, they need to fix the external drive issues you mentioned, plus add the iOS calculator app, and add some more pro apps, including allowing third parties such a Parallels to offer "Parallels for Desktop" for M1 iPad Pros, and then it will be a standalone computing device!

  • Wendys Tacos
    Wendys Tacos

    Honestly this is really relieving. The fact that you can hide the dock and sidebar is perfect. But what I really cared about is actually being able to do normal split screen on the iPad and then stage manager on the external monitor, at the same time. That in my mind is the perfect setup. This is awesome!

  • Tristan Olarti
    Tristan Olarti

    With iPad Pro’s being ~$2000+ with keyboard, it’s definitely becoming a 2-3 year replacement for me. One thing that’s not well known is… we now have a 5G semi-laptop.

  • Paul Davies
    Paul Davies

    As someone that has recently gotten their first ever Apple device M1 iPad Pro 11 I'm really looking forward to iOS 16 and very happy with everything about my iPad Pro I'm just confused about why it doesn't display transfer speeds or download progress which I feel are important especially when dealing with large files for editing, does anyone know if there's settings I need to change

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith

    It's amazing how the iPad and MacBook speakers sound almost identical, but for the iPad's being louder. They are tuned and sound almost exactly alike. Apple is really killing it when it comes to putting the best speakers in such small devices.

  • Mellifluous Fable
    Mellifluous Fable

    Well, that’s your opinion of if its ‘finally’ worth it. For me, as a current and long time Android phone user and not particular Apple fan boy, my pro m1 12.9 has been worth it for quite a while actually. Great screen, pencil, speakers, refresh rate. I do all my work on it and because I can remote in, I have access to full MS suite also and the Logitech keyboard is great.

  • Xeon

    iPadOS 16 definitely was a huge step forward but iPadOS 15 was a very low bar to clear. The features that we got are beneficial but in my opinion do not make the iPad a true laptop replacement, there are simply too many gaps and limitations in the system compared to Macs and even Windows computers. The lack of pro apps is a big issue and an external hard drives can still not be used as they could on a Mac. Yes we can now have floating apps but that really can’t be utilized to its fullest potential without the pro apps. Countless other reasons like this is why I would not count on an iPad to replace a true laptop with a laptop operating system.

  • mejlgaardbliddal

    How well does the reference mode work in reality when working with HDR editing is what I would like to know when iPad is 16 I released in the fall. If you can do trustworthy color grading and HDR capable monitors are still priced outside a no professionals budget I might consider buying a 12.9 iPad Pro for that feature alone.

  • AppleRunner

    I own a 11 inch M1 IPad Pro and I am super happy with these updates. I also own an M1 MacBook Air which I hardly use as I just prefer the flexibility of Ipad experience. I found myself just using the MacBook when I need a large screen for editing large spreadsheets for example. With IpadOS 16, I can now just hook it up to my external monitor and edit large spreadsheets and edit videos in LumaFusion. Yes, there are still some shortfalls which hopefully will be ironed out in the future. It would be nice to have better external SSD drive support for example, but I have never experienced the SSD corruption issue, so not a huge priority for me…

  • Boxxi

    I was mainly hoping for Pro apps like Final Cut and Logic, but this is a step in the right direction.

  • Daniel Graham
    Daniel Graham

    "Maybe one more year from now it will be perfect." 😆 Haven't we been saying that for years?

  • Tamara Jarsun
    Tamara Jarsun

    I think iPadOS needs features from macOS that sadly won’t happen: like side loading apps (by ipa or dmg or homebrew, npm, etc), access to stuff like disk utility, terminal with full UNIX compatibility, the ability to install and run services, developer tools like inspect on Safari… TBH I wish you could jailbreak it and do a full macOS install. Their hardware has the power to be the ultimate portable device, but iPadOS is still not enough for serious users

  • Olivier Jean
    Olivier Jean

    For the external display support, a mouse AND keyboard is required. Also up to a 6K display is supported but it’s bugged in the beta, you have to go to Settings and change the zoom level because the bug is that it over scales the resolution

  • Alastair Archibald
    Alastair Archibald

    Even in Studio Mode, you can specify that a window is full-screen. That hides the dock and the other open windows.