Microsoft is switching to ARM to FIGHT Apple's M2 Macs..
Max Tech
Apple's M2 Mac mini is coming SOON, potentially at WWDC, so Microsoft made a major announcement about the future of Windows on ARM. Let me explain..
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Correction: Steam Deck runs x86. Apologies for the mistake!

  • Joris -
    Joris -

    Thanks for the great video! 💜

  • ricky v
    ricky v

    That's the way things are done now. Someone innovates and everyone follows. Like x86 chip designs. Someone made a better chip and Intel had to follow suit. (:

  • Zach Cornute
    Zach Cornute

    The Steamdeck doesn't run on ARM.... It runs on a custom AMD APU which uses the AMD64 instruction set also known as x86_64. Also Proton is just a compatibility layer for Windows applications (with a focus on games) to run on Linux by translating DirectX API calls into Vulkan.


    Steam is a platform not a company, the company behind Steam and Steam Deck is Valve. Also Steam Deck is x86_64 (amd64) and has nothing to do with ARM (yet). Proton is a compatibility layer that translates Windows API calls to Linux. Although there are other compatibility layers in the Linux world that translate x86 to ARM like box64.

  • tech

    Nice video!

  • Scott Elliott
    Scott Elliott

    They definitely aren't ditching x86, their doing this initially to further ARM development but it's primed for enterprise really. It's designed to be used in tandem with NPC's and more. The enterprise market already has a ton of hardware to run virtual desktops this will give you a nice in-between, a decently powered local machine that can tap into network gear that beefs its capabilities. Their also designed to work in rack systems too. I do agree it makes it more possible to run windows on M1 hardware via an alternate bootcamp if they can find workarounds or if Microsoft actually inks a deal to allow it.

  • Marlon

    The steam deck is not running on arm. Proton only translates windows apis to linux apis. That has nothing to do with arm.

  • Mauqui Soliid
    Mauqui Soliid

    Great, Great, Great video!!

  • Laurent K
    Laurent K

    That's a good news for Visual Studio and Parallels they will probably have a full ARM support thanks to this new machines

  • Joseph F
    Joseph F

    They're not really following in Apple's footsteps here; When Windows 10 on ARM originally released (in 2018), they included support for x86 apps, and more recently (I think in 2020) they added support for x64 apps. This is like Rosetta 2 -- it's emulation that happens at the runtime of the app. ARM64EC seems to be something that comes at development time.

  • everlasts

    Finally some good news and that might shed some light on the potential to future bootcamp windows on Apple silicon , hence more gaming options:)

  • Nicholas Braden
    Nicholas Braden


  • James Fiegel
    James Fiegel

    Catchup is good on hot dogs but ugh by itself :) I will be buying the M2 mini :)

  • dman7895

    Thanks. Build is never covered too well so glad you see this video

  • Terabit Tech
    Terabit Tech

    This video was so imprecise... both major x86 CPU makers have implemented AI accelerating features for a couple of years, so it's not like they don't have AI stuff. Nvidia got AI-accelersting stuff even in their GPUs (Tensor cores), that is arguably an even more powerful implementation than an NPU. Then, Windows trying to transition to ARM is not a new idea, since they started their last try with original Snapdragon devices (before the 8cx), and then also made the Surface X. For sure time they're pushing harder from now on, but the Volterra is a totally different kind of product from the Mac Mini, as it is a development kit (a way less mature product).

  • Roman Kuzbik
    Roman Kuzbik

    A major step forward. Great news for SurfCe Laptop Studio type of hardware. Cheers

  • Scrixle

    Finally, we get the arm chip but with windows which I really want.

  • Ioannis Visvikis
    Ioannis Visvikis

    I guess that may trigger Microsoft's return to the mobile industry at some point in the future? Their main problem was that not enough developers were making any apps for their phones back then, but now the same apps will be able to run on Microsoft mobile devices as well.

  • krishnan srinivasan
    krishnan srinivasan

    Nice & Thanks :)