Why Apple is DELAYING the Real M2 chip.. (WWDC Disaster)
Max Tech
We just got some BOMBSHELL leaks from some reliable sources concerning Apple's A16 and M2 chips, confirming some of our WORST fears about the M2 chip's performance!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are you STILL going to upgrade to the M2 MacBook Air? Comment your thoughts below!

  • Just Me
    Just Me

    This is exactly why I don't watch videos of people telling us what "is going to be announced". I much prefer to just wait for the announcements.

  • Brian Williams
    Brian Williams

    We go through this every single year. Number one, WWDC is for software. Now there is always the possibility of seeing some hardware but I truly believe that this year, as with the past couple of years, is going to be about software. And that brings me to point number two: the M1 chip is a year and a half old. The architecture has only recently been updated to add in more power for pro machines and the studio. I find it highly unlikely that Apple would release an M2 chip that would need to show significant performance gains on the heels of releasing all of the recent M1 Max, ultra, etc. chips. I firmly think that the M1 is going to be with us just a little longer. And honestly, the base model M1 is still way more power than anyone needs unless you are a true pro user. In that case you should be looking at an M1 Max, ultra, etc.

  • Carlos R
    Carlos R

    If apple made 16gb ram standard on m1 at the same price that would be all they need to keep selling it another year.

  • Andrew McNaughton
    Andrew McNaughton

    Supply chain issues wouldn’t normally have anything to do with what production process is used. Chip makers only delay using a smaller process because they’re getting bad yields and more work is needed to increase the yield.

  • Bruce Kennedy
    Bruce Kennedy

    Whatever Apple calls the chip, the improvements you are predicting, plus new hardware design is good enough to keep most folks happy. But tbh I don’t expect any hardware at WWDC.

  • Jan Doe
    Jan Doe

    As an early adopter I find this to be very satisfying. I bought in November 2020 a 13" MBP. This is still a good buy considering that the improvements aren't that great for M2. I never holds me back in terms of performance. I was tempted to buy an 14 or 16 " MBP but I refrained from it to see what M2 had in store. As it seems now I should wait for M3 which is a more acceptable time window to replace good hardware. I still believe I wouldn't need It at that time but the improvement would be more noticeable.

  • Joe Kelley
    Joe Kelley

    A16 being the same makes sense... The iPhone 15 will be the big update that everyone wants and having it be the first one with the 3nm will show a very big upgrade, along with usb-c, and telescopic lenses etc.

  • Davout

    Something very interesting to me is that M1 is actually a really really old design. It is based on Apple's A14 not even A15. So what if we get A15 cores for the CPU with higher clock speeds and more graphics cores. This way I will have no problem with them calling it M2. Also give it some ARMv9 for extra performance boost and efficiency and from there you can draw extra clock speeds and voila. You have a mid generational performance boost while using the same peak 14-15W with no loss of battery. M2!

  • Michael Reif
    Michael Reif

    This is fine with me. My main hope is that the next iPad OS will be MacOS-like capable so whatever they do they do that.

  • Brian Martin
    Brian Martin

    I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple popped a M1 in all products just to simplify production and inventory. And save M2 for next year with the pros perhaps just an announcement

  • Armin Dressler
    Armin Dressler

    For months now we expect the M2 to be 4+4+10 Avalanche + Blizzard, based on A15, because we all expected the M2 to come much earlier. Months ago it was clear, that M3 will be the first with 3 nm. So I do not get the currect hype and discussion about it. M2 will only be a small upgrade over M1. This is nothing new.

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Really appreciate your efforts in creating such informative and enjoyable content-Keep it up!🔥🙂!.

  • Fmarinos Fromafar
    Fmarinos Fromafar

    To be honest I think anyone who expected an M2 at WWDC was being overly optimistic. Late this year at the earliest was always my guesstimation.

  • Just J.R.
    Just J.R.

    If the M1 was based on the A14 and the M2 will be based on the A16, would that not be a decent jump on performance.

  • toobvu

    I've been watching for a "M2" Mini Pro to slightly improve on the current M1 model. What's most important to me compared to M1 Mini are:

  • Aaron Brown
    Aaron Brown

    I wonder if this makes the Mini M1 Pro more likely? If you’re releasing a redesigned mini with a modified M1 masquerading as a M2, everyone with 2020 mini’s (including myself) will probably pass on that, but would definitely be up for a Pro at the $1k price point. Hopefully a Mini Pro is inevitable.

  • IgmanFermont

    Disappointing, it's not Apple's fault. Yet it feels like a minor improvement. A year waiting for the real M2 sounds utterly painful. Regardless, Macs sales won't be affected.

  • Apple Pi
    Apple Pi

    I feel like the M2 is more likely to be based on A16 than A15, so even though they use the same process node, there will be some refinements and maybe an increase in clock speed which should mean slightly better numbers than estimated.

  • Ryan Kim
    Ryan Kim

    I think it all depends on TSMC's development of new process. As their 3nm is being delayed, so does new Apple chips.