120FPS Fortnite on iPad Pro - So Good it's UNFAIR!
Max Tech
Fortnite now supports 120FPS on Apple's 2018 iPad Pro! We test it out and show you Slow-Motion footage of all the frames!
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Epic Games has updated Fortnite to support 120FPS frame rate on the 2018 iPad Pro, along with L3 and R3 controller support.
So in this video, we put 120FPS to the test and see how much battery life the iPad Pro drains in 1 full hour of gaming.
We also test it out with the Xbox controller and show off the new L3 and R3 controls and talk about how well they work.
We used a Blackmagic camera at 120FPS to show you guys slow-motion footage of Fortnite gameplay so you can see all of this high-frame rate goodness!
Use the links below if you'd like to get in on this 120FPS gameplay yourself, especially since even the best consoles are limited to just 60FPS.
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do you think that 2018 iPad Pro users now get an unfair advantage with 120FPS? Comment your opinion below!

  • LighT

    Its is pretty crazy to see someone actually having fun in this game without sweating and I love it

  • Rohit Kumar
    Rohit Kumar

    Never seen someone have so much fun killing bots

  • Alexander

    120fps, Bluetooth controller, internet connect, perfect game graphic, very good speakers... and 2h work!... Its really amazing

  • arlay.

    The fact that this little thing gets more frames than my PC is embarrassing

  • Lane

    this reminds me of my girlfriend playing, i refuse to tell her that she is playing against bots ever because seeing her face light up anytime she kills someone (mostly bots) gives me so much joy. i always just congratulate her for doing well

  • Pill Cosby
    Pill Cosby


  • His Majesty
    His Majesty

    Nobody tell him he’s playing bots 😂

  • nparsona

    It's impressive for the form factor, no fans and whatnot but medium settings! Will be interesting to see what the new A14X is like.

  • TankQ

    120fps for about 2 hours is an amazing achievement. Most gaming laptops can't say the same thing. And no fans?

  • Fallafell

    I never saw someone have so much fun on a game just beautiful

  • Courtney Moore
    Courtney Moore

    This video shows how chill this guy is.

  • TDS Dyno
    TDS Dyno

    Fortnite: Adds 120 FPS to mobile

  • Arima

    When an iPad gets more FPS than ur pc lmao

  • RandomDerp

    this is why apple need to get on with making their arm processors for their computers even if that means testing it out on a macbook first

  • LVK3

    Imagine he fights an actual decent player 😂

  • Player1original

    Pretty sure the 10.5 Pro is capable far more than 60 as well. Maybe on low it can even reach 120 fps. The 2018 is just a beast in higher end games and I do hope AAA developers start to cater for it.

  • Mikael Nystrand
    Mikael Nystrand

    I think having the remote connected via bluetooth draws alot of the battery!

  • Carl Drippy
    Carl Drippy

    Reminds me of season 2 gameplay... back when everyone was having fun. Regardless if their bots

  • Srcarti

    The fact he hasn’t build at all and is playing on a controller and going up against bots