Apple M2 chip vs M1 Pro - How much SLOWER is the M2?
Max Tech
Apple's brand new 2022 MacBook Air comes with the new M2 chip which is the direct successor and replacement for the revolutionary M1 chip, but is the M1 Pro a much better deal?
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are YOU gonna buy the M1 Pro instead of the M2 chip in a new MacBook? Comment below!

  • Haley Rose
    Haley Rose

    Can I just say thank you for making this video because I have been trying to find something like this comparing the MacBook Air M2 and the 14’ MacBook Pro with the M1 pro chip!! Just thanks

  • dizzzave357

    As the base model Apple Silicon chips get faster and faster, it becomes more and more difficult to justify the more expensive pro hardware for raw performance alone. Apple is putting in limitations on their consumer hardware that are very strong incentives to pay the $300 or $500 or $1000 extra for the pro model of the same basic configuration.

  • Max Taylor
    Max Taylor

    Actually the limit for the number of connected external displays could still be a hardware limitation. M1 has a very small amount of I/O so there’s a good chance that it does not have enough display port lanes. That’s why the laptops can only connect to 1 display but the Mac mini can connect to two, one of the lanes in the laptops is used for the integrated display.

  • Mitas

    I don't think you can compare them directly, especially regarding the efficiency cores, M1 for Air had 4 efficiency, and same goes for M2. I would expect a similar setup of 8-10 P cores and 2 E cores for M2 Pro and Max.

  • Dimitri 7th
    Dimitri 7th

    While I thought everyone was already aware that the M1 Pro/Max chips would be faster than the M2, the vast majority of people really will not notice much of a difference between them, and I say this as a designer myself. Unless you

  • TechWiz Prince
    TechWiz Prince

    I was really confused between the M2 Macbook Air and the M1 Pro 14 Inch. Ended up getting a used 2 month old M1 Pro 14 inch (base model) for $2100 CAD. A similar spec'd M2 Macbook Air would cost me around the same (with student discount!). But with the M1 Pro, I get better specs! I freaking love the MacBook Pro so far! The screen is out of this world, the speakers are great, performance is top notch and I am loving it. It's my first ever Mac and it's amazing. Will help me improve my channel!

  • Marb's Music
    Marb's Music

    Was waiting on the M2 Air information before getting a new laptop for my oldest in college... spent a few days pulling this information myself and a Base M1 Pro 14" popped up Friday night at the local Apple store so we picked it up yesterday afternoon. Excellent video, it's nice to have confirmation as my numbers were very similar. Truly if you get the specs the same the 14" is about $300 more but has more ports, is a little faster and has that amazing screen!

  • Eric C. Jackson Studio
    Eric C. Jackson Studio

    I need more ports (including the HDMI port) which simply isn't available on the M2 model. I like the M2 chip better, but we need a M2 Pro and M2 Max version on the 16-in MacBook Pro so I can have the extra ports without losing Performance in Editing.

  • Oberon

    You know, this is typical Apple... they love coming up with brand names, but honestly I doubt we'll see much improvements over the M1 Pro etc. I say this because having worked for Apple a number of years, I know how they think and what they aim for that never gets out into the public, but by action I hope people are starting to see the issue. They brand their products like something brand new, and like what they did with the iPad, they would rather deny A processor users some of the basic features in iOS 16 to force them to consider buying the M1 series. It's BS. When I was asked to do the in house testing of Siri on the iPhone 4... it worked flawlessly... I told everyone it worked on the iPhone 4 without a problem. Even early developers were told it works. Then bam... release date, only works on the up coming iPhone 4S... So a lot of the raw power of all their products now are just software regulated.

  • strengthbydesign

    Thanks for your great reviews as usual. The M2 MacBook Air is definitely on my buy list.

  • matthaus woolard
    matthaus woolard

    The single monitor support is not a software limitation it is a limitation in the display controller (this is seperate from the GPU).

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams

    Excited to see the real world benchmarks when the M2 MacBook is released 👍😀

  • Abdelfattah Mohammadi
    Abdelfattah Mohammadi

    Thank you for the explanation, very clear and easy to understand. I have one specific question:

  • secretgoldfish

    Good job max, the roadmap is pretty clear now, I can now imagine that my M1 Pro MacBook Pro will probably do me until the M3 pro (or maybe even just the first M3!)

  • Jackson Zachariah
    Jackson Zachariah

    I’m convinced if they called it MacBook Pro SE so many more people would’ve understood its place in the lineup.

  • Lars Bjerregaard
    Lars Bjerregaard

    Very good. Thanks for laying out the differences and pros/cons so clearly MT. There's clearly a decision matrix/tree here, that's highly dependent on what you ACTUALLY will be using it for. Good work!

  • Nick Fugitt
    Nick Fugitt

    The base model Pro has been on sale within $50 of the similarly specced Air (512/16) which I think makes it a win for that particular model unless you favor portability over all

  • AutoGamesNation

    Really interested to see if the thermal pad mod on the m1 helps the m2. Or maybe apple put one in from the factory?? Interested to see this

  • Bill Herman
    Bill Herman

    I appreciate your outstanding technical information and analysis. It’s the best and most understandable I’ve seen.