M2 MacBook Air vs X1 Mac Pro: Which Mac at WWDC? (Leaks)
Max Tech
Apple's WWDC event is ALMOST HERE and we're expecting some NEW hardware announcements, but what's more likely? The redesigned M2 MacBook Air or the new X1 Mac Pro?
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do YOU think we'll get the M2 MacBook Air OR the Mac Pro? Comment your thoughts below!

  • 유성

    Honestly, 80% of people don't really care about a Mac pro that is gonna be super expensive. I'm on team Macbook air

  • Emma Cheng
    Emma Cheng

    As a MacPro owner, i have to say: Putting arm chip in Mac Pro it's difficult, the advantage of MacPro it's upgrability, including the memory and hard drive, using M series chip could limit the capacity.

  • wabash9000

    I'm expecting the Mac Pro to have an M2 or equivalent under a different name. The Mac Pro is always useful because of it's expandability and the fact that the m1 chips can't use an external GPU is probably because of lacking some part of PCI-e in the M1 chip. So I would imagine that the M2 or X1 would have better support for PCI-e devices for the expandability that Mac Pro buyers expect.

  • Par Jau
    Par Jau

    I really do wish Apple would stop sticking notches on everything. Especially now, with the iPhone pros heading away from the notch.

  • 3D Design and Thinking
    3D Design and Thinking

    Apple better modify their software to fully utilize their GPU. Currently, it doesn't correctly use it.

  • BC M
    BC M

    As a 14 MacBook Pro owner, Apple is going to need to adjust their pricing models if they are coming out with a new M chip each year: 1. because the lifecycle of their products won’t warrant constant upgrades (especially if it’s forcing you to upgrade because of unnecessary bloated OS and Apps) and 2. M chip is already so optimized, especially when paired with demanding graphic applications, at some point, better chips won’t give anything more if the applications/software aren’t getting more demanding.

  • Terabit Tech
    Terabit Tech

    To me, the MacBook will have basically the same M1 CPU and just the 2 additional GPU cores that are rumoured. More performance improvements will come possibly from increased clockspeeds due to a more mature lithography process. I don't expect it to be called M2, as they would have a naming issue with more expensive devices with an older-sounding CPU name on paper at the store. I expect it to be called something along the lines of M1S, M1X or M1Z.

  • Jesse Andersen
    Jesse Andersen

    Not sure why we’d be disappointed that the m2 would be based on the 2nd gen n5 process from tsmc. Sure the 3nm would be better but the A15 brought significant efficiency upgrades and significant gpu upgrades. I think all of this more than qualifies for a successor chip called the M2.

  • Ed Douglas
    Ed Douglas

    Apple came out swinging with the M1, intel has answered, and Qualcomm will as well shortly. Apple better not coast with a slightly modified M1 marketed as an M2 for a year.

  • Rachel Greenham
    Rachel Greenham

    pretty sure the reason they teased the Mac Pro at the end of the Studio reveal was 100% because otherwise there'd be an absolute sh*ttonne of speculation that the Mac Studio was it, the one and only successor for the Mac Pro, and even Apple realised they needed to get it out there that it wasn't.

  • Ryosuke Fujimura
    Ryosuke Fujimura

    Actually, I watched this video at this moment after WWDC2022, but your deep research and analysis is really awesome. What a trustworthy channel is. I love you guys.

  • Isaque Da Silva
    Isaque Da Silva

    Just like at WWDC 2013, when we had the launch of the new MacBook Air after the trash can Mac Pro teaser, I am more convinced that we will have the same this year, with the launch of the redesigned MacBook Air with the M2 chip, after then we will have a kind of of "One More Thing" or "Sneak Peek" with the teaser of the new Mac Pro 2022 with Apple Silicon, but which will only be available this fall.

  • Ekin Elçi
    Ekin Elçi

    Well I'm sure Apple will continue on making better chips but what I'm really concerned is 3D design on Macs atm. 3D design softwares work really poorly on Macs, regardless the chips. Even those who are optimised for M1. I don't know if it's Metal or something else but I hope Apple addresses that at WWDC.

  • anthony cayetano
    anthony cayetano

    Actually, the A15 CPU Performance core is really a tweaked version of the A14.

  • UkTech우크테크

    If the M2 chip is made through 5nm process as the M1 chip, should we accept the M2 chip as the next processor to the M1 chip?

  • Pollux Chung
    Pollux Chung

    If the current ASD's price drives people crazy...brace for more shock with the mini-LED version of it.

  • SXL0

    The regular M1 is still insane.

  • Chris G
    Chris G

    Whether the Mac Pro and the chip in the Mac Pro amount to anything will come down to the business approach that Apple follows. If the objective is to sell Mac Pro boxes to clients needing such a box the market will remain small. Potential buyers can always look elsewhere for custom built boxes that more exactly meet their needs and that are cheaper. Apple has always offered the server market yawn-worthy products and not even the custom silicon will fundamentally change that picture.

  • Hi-Fi Insider
    Hi-Fi Insider

    I want a new iPad Pro with real ProOS and ext display support.