Is Apple ROBBING People with Their SSD & RAM Prices?
Max Tech
Apple Prices are INSANE! or are they?.. Let's see how Apple RAM and SSD's compare to Windows PC laptops!
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  • ViraDrama

    Yes is an answer to the most simple question that I ever get in my life. The next question would be, why Apple overcharge their royal customers for SSD and RAM upgrades ? The answer would be, because they can.😓😥😩

  • TheSimonJiang

    In 2022, 8GB of ram and 256 GB SSD on a $1200 laptop is criminal. Regardless how you slice and dice it.

  • macintosh

    Honestly 1TB should be the new minimal standard, considering phones record at 4k now

  • Drone Pilot
    Drone Pilot

    I find that regardless of the storage offered in the Mac I still use external SSD’s and found the T7’s are best bang for buck for 1TB drives and you can edit multiple 4K 60 streams and colour grade all of them with effects right from the external drive even using my iPad 11 Pro 512gb M1 it works flawlessly in this fashion and was certainly cheaper than going for more storage.

  • Christopher Loughrey
    Christopher Loughrey

    They deliberately give you 256gb and 8gb ram as Apple expects the majority of people to upgrade at least one of them. They don't intend for many people to buy the base model. It's a way to upsell and squeeze more profits. If they used 512gb as the standard then they'd have very few people upgrading and they'd make millions less in revenue. It makes no business sense for Apple to give more than 256gb

  • Ben

    It reminds me of when apple stuck with the 64 gig storage option on the iPhone when it was clear 128 should be the minimum.

  • Casimir

    I can’t imagine buying a laptop nowadays without at least 16 GB RAM and 1 TB SSD

  • Trice

    I will never be a fan of the all in one chip. If one part fails the entire motherboard is done. How is that helpful to a consumer? M.2 ssd's are incredibly fast with pci-e 4 now and if apple/microsoft can come together and make low profile laptop ddr5 ram that would be ideal.

  • Oli Evans
    Oli Evans

    On the subject of external SSD's - You can also buy a really good M.2 SSD and a thunderbolt 3/4 or USBC 3.2 SSD enclosure and use that as a portable drive. Works super well and especially over Thunderbolt 3/4, the speeds can get up to 3+ gbp/s R/W.

  • A Hughes
    A Hughes

    The key take out right now: M2 is the return of the Apple Tax. Premium pricing is back for both base spec & all the upgrades. M1 was market entry pricing for Apple Silicon and we won’t see that same incredible value (relative to features, performance & the competition) that we had with the MB Air and the MB Pros again any time soon.

  • Beats Lipaz
    Beats Lipaz

    @Max Tech, there is also a surprising thing, at least for me… Apple has not listed the new M2 Macbooks since WWDC… to be more precise, they just listed the Macbook Pro 13 M2 specs in the Support menu. Oddly, with basic infos.

  • Christopher Loughrey
    Christopher Loughrey

    I'm divided between getting the base 512gb for my 16 inch or the 1tb. It's a lot of money for an extra 500gb. I'm thinking of just using an expansion card in the SD card slot as I don't need the speed, his a permanent place to dumb all my files thar doesn't involve an external hard drive dangling from my laptop

  • chipotleman

    They’ve always done that and hence why an Apple tax even exists. Apple wants to milk their products for as much as possible for upgrade costs.

  • Peter Breis
    Peter Breis

    Yet againApple makes the choice so clear I have no problem at all moving to a cheaper, in some ways better option. I stick with Apple when they give me a better product, even if the price is higher, but not when Apple charges way more with inferior specs and/or specs I simply do not want.

  • Manny Demaga
    Manny Demaga

    I was going to get the Ipad Air but the fact that it only comes with 64gb and getting the 256gb model is just $50 away from the pro, it made me shy away from the Air and I got the Ipad Pro instead.

  • BigPotatoMoths

    I typically get configurations with 2TB. That’s enough internal storage for me; I have a NAS setup for larger data sets (i.e. for Plex). Yes, Apple has a captive audience given the lack of upgradability.

  • BigBubba 043
    BigBubba 043

    I know you can use external ssd's, but I'm pretty close to having enough money to buy my own computer, and for a variety of reasons, I'm contemplating switching to a pc. One of those reasons is Apple's insanely high prices for ram. My M1 Macbook that I have has 8 gigs (issued by my school) of ram, and I'm always using at least 50%, and since I'm planning on playing games, I want 16 gigs, but that's a crazy $200 more, and I just don't have that money. I also need 500 gb of storage so I don't need to constantly worry about if I'm running out of storage or whatnot.

  • Miyagi Ryota
    Miyagi Ryota

    Is that even a question????

  • MJ

    Basically you are justifying the apples over charge by saying “others does it too but apple has better performance”

  • Trice

    True there are a lot of people buying the new apple silicon but they're buying the entry level models. So hopefully Apple will see that their upgrades are way too expensive. I can't see them ever lowering a price...but who knows.