How WWDC 2022 Will Change Apple FOREVER: What to Expect!
Max Tech
Apple's about to COMPLETELY change what their entire business means, and they're gonna do it all in ONE event. Let's talk about everything you should expect!
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What Tech Creators want to see at WWDC:
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    What are YOU Looking forward to at WWDC? Comment below!

  • Tihomir RAdeff
    Tihomir RAdeff

    This guy is so into Apple he even has a notch on his forehead 😆

  • Matthew Vlossak
    Matthew Vlossak

    I think the majority of people want iPadOS to get a facelift and utilize the chips inside of the devices.

  • B B
    B B

    STOP with these ridiculous headlines already. I love your content but it’s been cringe lately with the click bait

  • Wiz A
    Wiz A

    “Code one, code all” should mean that developer can code the program once and it can be run on Mac or iOS seamlessly. For RBG theme might refer to a display, not new hardware display but all the display available to run the program. iOS and macOS become one OS might not happen just yet but to be able to use which ever OS to work right after another seamlessly would be the goal for Apple vision in the future.

  • Leo Nugraha
    Leo Nugraha

    Not putting too much faith with the hardware, but I wish Apple could redeem themselves from last year with iPadOS and iOS that truly serve professional settings, such as multitasking and pro apps 🤞

  • Alexander Presthus
    Alexander Presthus

    Seems weird that they would use an event targeted at "pro users" to announce their most baseline mass consumer product in the line up. Sure, many developers (especially of the web variety) use an m1 air, but I would certainly expect them lean towards revealing more pro like hardware like say a Mac Pro at an event like this.

  • someone

    I hope there will be a massive update for SwiftUI and maybe a replacement for CoreData like SwiftUI will replace UIKit.

  • Scott Kramer
    Scott Kramer

    Truthfully, I really want them to overhaul the Mail client in all OS branches new hardware is nice sure.. but the software needs some TLC. The mail app is poor when compared to Gmail and Outlook clients.

  • anthony cayetano
    anthony cayetano

    Here’s my latest prediction on the M2, also, I still am adamant that the Mac Pro will NOT use an M1 Variant.

  • Sukaran Kang
    Sukaran Kang

    Before the event:

  • MathewzTay

    I think macOS performance is already good enough so I hope we get something new in the software side, like a better windows management and the option to delete some stock apps like we can do in the iPhone/iPad ...

  • bushgreen

    I highly doubt there will be M2 MacBook air at WWDC. The next Mac will be the Mac Pro. The M2 air will launch after the Mac Pro and iPhone 14 because the M2 is A16 based.

  • Hugh Edwards
    Hugh Edwards

    I am really looking forward to the first 3 hour WWDC program in Apples history on Monday. Of late they try to keep their videos to an hour. They will cover software, introduce the Mac Pro and a Mac Book Air. Last time I checked the supply chain is still constricted. Why would they introduce stuff with a long wait period? This is Apple not the early 80s Atari. Remember vaporware?

  • Buddy Page
    Buddy Page

    I remember when we were all waiting on and talking about the M1X before the M1 Pro and Max were revealed in the new MBP versions. I will be very surprised if there is an M1X, ever. Also, the 4nm production has been underway since last year and 3nm production is being tested and prepped. Why would the new Apple Silicon use the old process when 4nm has been ready since last year?

  • Shane Bushman
    Shane Bushman

    VR (and AR) are so amazing, but they lack any real imagination behind the use case. Also, the headsets are hot, and uncomfortable for long periods. I am waiting for Apple to come out and do this right. I expect they will integrate it into Apple fitness, and allow things like virtual runs and virtual bike rides, with friends. I also think there is huge potential with the "work and learn from home" movements. the tech will be the basis for a lot of things in the future, but I am guessing most of the real killer use cases don't even enter most people's minds.

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Thanks for these informative and awesome content!.Really appreciate your efforts-Keep it up!.

  • daves1412

    I think this will be a software-heavy event, personally.

  • Wilson Futrell
    Wilson Futrell

    I can’t help but think that there will be a time in the future that we will look back on all these (larger) devices with notches and laugh or shake our heads and ask what were they thinking. Slim bezels may be good, but I would rather have a slightly thicker bezel and no notch.

  • Thomas Clark
    Thomas Clark

    Apple did NOT approach EA Games; EA approached Apple in addition to several other companies about a potential buyout.