DON'T BUY the M2 MacBook Pro! What Apple DIDN'T Tell You..
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Why the 2022 M2 MacBook Pro is Apples WORST MacBook!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

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  • stefan hinkley
    stefan hinkley

    Apple knows many people aren't going to buy the M2 Macbook Pro. This is a simple behavioral marketing tactic. By pricing the pro 100 more than the new Macbook Air, it now makes the air seem more affordable in the customers mind even though it is 200 more than the previous generation. The lack of sales in the Pro will be made up for in the success of the Air. Apple knows what they're doing.

  • Mihir

    After using 2 MacBook Air M1 I can say that it does heat up when comparing it to the pro. I primarily use the Pro and the bottom has never been even warm whereas the air usually stays warm and it just heat up when you start multi tasking. The battery life is also way better in the pro when directly compared to the air and these differences were definitely worth the 300 dollars and since the new air is 1199, it really should be a no brainer to just get the M2 pro.

  • kushal raj
    kushal raj

    I think the only purposes the M2 MacBook Pro is to use old tooling and abundant chassis, touchbar fans and to give the M2 the best performance for the charts


    If you buy it with 512gb storage and 16gb of ram it's almost as expensive as the 14 inch MacBook Pro which comes with the same storage and ram but offers so much more (ports, M1 pro, bigger screen, cooling). The pricing really is designed to push people towards the pro models.

  • Ayan Ghosh
    Ayan Ghosh

    I only buy it for the touch bar and the shortcuts in the touch bar are really useful compare to keyboard shortcuts and since you can use your iPhone as webcam so it's a good choice. The 14 inch MBP does have some extra ports but not updated as well, if by 300$ less if I can get more storage and ram why shouldn't I go for it.

  • DESTRIAZ 1997
    DESTRIAZ 1997

    I bought a M1 13 inch macbook pro when it first came out in 2020. I’m not a crazy power user so I think I’ll stick with it. Sure the m1 pro and max are amazing and the m2 is looking great. But the one i have is more than enough for what i do. So I’ll be keeping my original m1 macbook pro for another few years

  • PupSicle

    I believe that the M2 MacBook Pro is made to make the air look better. They spent like 3 minutes on the M2 Macbook Pro compared to the 2 dedicated ads they made for the air. So, unless you really like the old design, I think most people will go for the air. 🙂

  • Jonathan Morris
    Jonathan Morris

    I have to say that, until Apple eventually gets rid of the original M1 MacBook Air, that's the model a lot of people should go for if they don't need to edit video or anything else too power hungry. There can be some good discounts, making this a total bargain - and offering a level of performance that is every bit as good now as when everyone raved about M1 in 2020. There's still plenty of life left in the M1. [It's also worth noting that the M1 MacBook Pro is also offered at a discount a lot of the time, so if you're going to get the same design then consider that to save more money - and you'll still be good for a good number of years of ownership].

  • Максим Компанец
    Максим Компанец

    I love my pro 13 with all its advantages. I love Pro design more than Air and I love touchbar. This laptop was made for me. And I always ready to pay more money for that

  • Greg Hudson
    Greg Hudson

    I was surprised the 13” Pro didn’t go away. When I heard rumors of Apple was keeping it unchanged just with M2, I thought the redesigned Air would be coming later and it would be a stop gap. Debuting alongside the Air makes no sense whatsoever. Apples hardware line is making less sense by the day in my opinion. Hopefully one supply chain issues have passed this will get cleaned up!!!

  • Luca Zanzi
    Luca Zanzi

    Actually I think that it could be a good choice if you love the Touch Bar. I ve been using my 2018 MBP 13 and I think that I would miss the touchbar in mba. Also the screen is still good and also the other hardware. With some kind of discount on Amazon it could be a very good price, also considering larger battery, and a little bit of performance more, 512gb memory ( instead of 256 in air model).

  • yinzr412

    The Touch Bar should never be removed, it’s great. I wish the 14” and 16” had the Touch Bar too.

  • Felix

    The MBP M2 is intended for people who love the Touch Bar and hereby get the last chance to buy an MBP with the current SOC in 2022. The farewell to the Touch Bar will come, but it can be delayed a little longer. I will therefore probably sell my 2020 Intel MBP and get this one.

  • Galaxy社長

    I disagree with this. It's because I personally LOVE the design with the TOUCH BAR and much cooler than new Air and Pro 14 & 16. I know this is just my favourite and new models has improved functionality.

  • BC M
    BC M

    As someone who got the M1pro day 1 back in October, this is actually good to hear. I’ve thrown so much at this chip and it doesn’t lag, I never hear the fan, it’s REALLY good. To the point that if Apple started rolling out things every 6 months that would one up or even be close to as good as the M1pro, that wouldn’t be good from an economic standpoint. Little features within the OS like the multiple angle camera trick, etc. are great, but we don’t need a fantastic new chip that blows everything away every few months. 1) because the software doesn’t warrant it (everything is so optimized right now) and 2) we don’t need laptops to turn into phone wars where every year prices keep jumping, new chips come out, and we’ve gone to a lease mentality with them. Hopefully, Apple’s vision is M1 was a game changer, M2 and possibly 3 will be subtle enhancements and then move forward with large changes. Because I just can’t even see even the most hard core professionals needing anything beyond m1 Max. If those computers are getting bogged down in anyway, I would love to know what exactly they are doing on them….

  • Jonathan Gao
    Jonathan Gao

    For someone like me who absolutely hates the notch design, the MBP 13 is the only choice now with a processor more powerful than M1.

  • Quinten Verniers
    Quinten Verniers

    Purely on performance basis you shouldn't buy the M2 mbp. But the cooling will help prolong it's life. If for the same workload it stays cooler, all components will thank you. Especially battery. Sure the air could do the same stuff but there is a difference between running the air constantly to the edge and doing the same work on the pro

  • Gadgets Arise
    Gadgets Arise

    I think the 13 inch MacBook Pro M2 is perfect for every task. Video editing, gaming, watching movies and more. It can deliver powerful performance for longer period of time compared to the M2 Air due to it’s active cooling system with 2 hours of extra battery life. It also has studio quality mics and the legendary Touch Bar, which is so useful. I personally prefer the 13 inch M2 Pro, there’s no reason to blame it for it’s old design.

  • adha setiawan
    adha setiawan

    Honestly i do like new look on the air, but since i haven't heard how was the peformance that M1 could bring for the android studio i'm affraid there's gonna be any heat issues especialy when it came to running emulator, so i think i'm still gonna get the pro 13 for mobile dev 😅