Mac Studio FULL Teardown - M1 Ultra chip REVEALED!
Max Tech
Apple LIED about the Mac Studio not being upgradeable! We completely tore it down and revealed all of the little components, as well as an EXCLUSIVE look at the M1 Ultra!
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In this video, we do a complete teardown of Apple's Mac Studio and we get it down to the core. We show off the internal components, the new copper heatsink and cooling system, the speaker, the power supply and much more!
Stay tuned for benchmarks videos and MORE content on the Mac Studio!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Were you SHOCKED to see what is UPGRADEABLE? What about the M1 Ultra chip? Comment below!

  • Postandfly

    Amazing! It would be interesting a timelapse of how you guys reassembled the Mac, thanks for this videos is very impressive all the hard work you make.

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    I appreciate the breakdown, great work guys!!

  • Neo Samardzic
    Neo Samardzic

    Just one small correction: The battery is most likely there to keep the real-time clock running, not to save unsaved work.

  • john Dingo-Fox
    john Dingo-Fox

    It's not upgradable the ssd controller is on the main board not on the ssd itself

  • 4Fingr

    3 questions: how many hours did it take to assemble and how many screws are left?

  • Luke Toh
    Luke Toh

    Aren't you going to disassemble the other Studio and use that SSD on this one to see if BOTH SSD slots work together? That would really confirm if the SSD can be upgraded. Also, from the teardown, do you suppose the power supply needn't be unscrewed from the shielding? That means you can remove the power supply and shielding as a layer on it's own. Do you think you can replace the Apple logo on the top of the case and make that glow?

  • FIAT

    Couldn't imagine the thousands of hours of engineering and the money spent on R&D to have everything communicate and work properly. Kudos to Apple for pushing the limits of personal computing.

  • WhiteCrowUK

    Props for having balls to disassembly this. Let us know how long it took to put it back together.

  • Trevor Johnson
    Trevor Johnson

    Only problem I have is that you did tear down before benchmarks. I've always known that to be a big no no since something as little as the replacement thermal paste could have an effect especially in something as integrated as this

  • Robert Bare
    Robert Bare

    Great video, but for future reference, please (un)screw the tensioning brackets in a cross pattern. Doing them one screw at a time puts un-even pressure on the SOC and while it's probably fine, you do run the risk of having it not seat correctly (affecting thermals) or even possibly damaging it.

  • Four Rotor Pilot
    Four Rotor Pilot

    Very informative. But it's disappointing that effort and engineering still clearly emphasizes non-user upgradability. Apple puts so much care into something as basic as packaging, yet their unwillingness to change their direction with easy upgradability, repairability, and now with their new 5K monitor which everyone here can agree is a blatant move by Apple pushing their 'Pro' users just to see how far they are willing to jump.... In 2022 where everyone is turning to re-usable, sustainable, and more ecologically and economically conscious decisions... Apple is classing themselves as a more 'evil' company.... Many others don't fall too far behind... but I guess for the price you're paying, and the products you would expect, you would expect more from Apple.

  • Moshe Feder
    Moshe Feder

    Bravo Max and Vadim! This is, without a doubt, the most dramatic, exciting, suspenseful Mac video I’ve ever seen on IRglo.

  • BolusTube

    This is a piece of art.

  • Tim Gurr
    Tim Gurr

    Seeing the complexity of the design and assembly (disassembly for you) sheds some light on the “price” Apple is charging. Don’t think I’ll ever need the capability the M1 Max/Ultra provide, but it’s very interesting to see how so much is packaged in such a small space. Hats off to there engineering team. Thanks for the video. Looking forward to future videos.

  • yuitr loing
    yuitr loing

    The efforts exerted creating this and all other videos is highly appreciated. Keep it up!

  • Coder Stone
    Coder Stone

    The SSD isn't actually upgradeable since it's married to your T2 chip via a identifier, and you have to DFU-restore it via another mac which doesn't work right now. You also can't plug in a nvme drive with an adapter to get it to work-as the controller is built in.

  • Kyuhyong You
    Kyuhyong You

    It would be interesting to see how they mounted the bottom side of the chip by unscrewing the bottom heat shield.

  • WalrusRider

    Kudos for the warning surrounding the power supply section. The caps can hold mains voltage for days after being switched off. Would give you a nice jolt

  • Jan Godrie
    Jan Godrie

    Excellent teardown guys. Apple has put some serious work into developing this machine. Can’t wait for all the tests and I’m curious how the M1 Max in the Mac Studio will compare to the one in the 16” MacBook Pro.