M2/Pro/Max Chip Mac Lineup Revealed - HUGE Leak Bombs!
Max Tech
Apple's higher-end M2 Family Macs were missing at WWDC, but these new Leaks are pointing to them coming sooner rather than later.. You might want to hold off on the M2 MacBook Air..
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Which M2-based Mac are YOU waiting for? Comment below!

  • Laidback Ak
    Laidback Ak

    Pro/Max chip in a 12"? Surely anyone who needs that kind of processing power needs a larger screen than that.

  • bibasik7

    A 12” MacBook Pro with an M2 Pro chip isn’t entirely out of the question.

  • RockerGun Games
    RockerGun Games

    I would definitely buy a 15" MBA

  • wingsley

    I eagerly await your testing review of the new M2 MacBook Air, and also the future release of an M2 Mac Mini. I just bought a refurbished, loaded Mac Mini and I can't wait to start banging my head against the wall. The notion of Apple possibly releasing new products in the form factor of 12-inch and 15-inch MacBook Airs is intriguing. I hope the 12-inch model doesn't have the same keyboard problems as the discontinued 12-inch MacBook. Will this be a new "road warrior" ultrabook? Time will tell. Despite the former 12-inch MacBook's (and 11-inch MacBook Air's) design compromises, they were very popular and luggable. Let's hope that two Thunderbolt ports, a powerful M2 chip, Apple's Magic Keyboard and premium display are part of the package. (Let's also hope that the price isn't sky-high.) A 15-inch MBA is also intriguing, provided it offers excellent audio without being too heavy.

  • Tuấn Kiệt
    Tuấn Kiệt

    i think it might look something like this: Macbook air 12'' 13'' 15'' and Macbook pro 13'' 14'' 16'' would make a perfect line up.

  • barcigian

    Apple is doing the right way imo. Releasing everything new in the same event would leave a confused consumer!

  • OldOiler

    I live in an Apple environment and I really like the “construction” of their products, but I hate their business processes. They always cut us short to make extra sales rather than do the right thing. There is ALWAYS stuff in the pipeline, that they can profit on. Heck, other manufacturers release new stuff constantly, but in my opinion, Apple is starting to lag behind everyone else.

  • Peter Emery
    Peter Emery

    Back in the days of the iBook, they were consumer-orientated 12 & 14-inch devices with lower specifications than the professional PowerBook range. Therefore 13 & 15-inch M2 MacBook Air is not unlikely.

  • Zacharie Chiron
    Zacharie Chiron

    this is all super cool and super exciting, thanks for the vid!!

  • J SHIO
    J SHIO

    If there were companies that could make an individual custom laptop, I would make a Macbook Air 16 inch with an M2 chip and forget about laptops for the next 7 years.

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Thanks so so much for your continuous efforts and dedication in creating this informative video’s!.I really appreciate your entertaining content-Keep it up!.

  • William Flusek
    William Flusek

    I also have an M1 Mac mini and I think I am good to go for a while. I particularly am not thrilled with the talk that the redesign will go back to using a power brick. It was such a great thing in 2010 when Apple dumped the power brick on the mini and went to an internal power supply. It just does not seem like you gain a lot of space in the mini by removing the power supply. And MagSafe does not seem all that useful on the mini either. At least on the iMac it made sense because the thickness prevented the standard power connector and they moved the Ethernet into the brick. (I would have just had a little bump on the back for the power cord, but this is why I do not design stuff for Apple.) But the mini renders show the Ethernet still on the mini itself so the power brick with MagSafe thing seems like such a waste of effort. I hope those renders are just wrong, but sometimes Apple goes for that little bit of thin over the better overall design.

  • Grehdeep Sood
    Grehdeep Sood

    It’ll just be sadistic of apple to not give ProMotion to a beautiful 15 incher just to have some differences between the Air & the Pros, especially when the base 13 pro looks utterly outdated against the Air

  • Chris Knoblauch
    Chris Knoblauch

    Desperately need another 27” iMac, any idea on when they’ll be back?

  • Al van der Laan
    Al van der Laan

    Hey Max and team, can you comment on the flaw that can be found in the M1 chips and if they still exist in M2?

  • Anthony

    12 inch is too small for pro work flows, i mean apple is out here ready to make 14 inch ipad

  • FortitudeTube

    Thoughts on wether Mac Pro will be M1 or M2 based? Will they call it M1x, M2x?? It seems like nobody knows for sure since the rumors go back and forth.

  • XInfinity2013

    Interesting video. I hope Apple holds off on the Mac Pro till next year so that maybe inflation will not be so bad and people can buy one and we also don't know what Covid will be line around that time of year yet.