iPhone 11 Pro Honest Review after 1 week!
Max Tech
I've been testing the iPhone 11 Pro for a week now.. and I have some very interesting thoughts on everything about the new Pro! Check it out!
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In this Review, we don't bore you with specs and tell you everything that's obvious. We take a look at everything from an honest perspective.
The iPhone 11 Pro features a triple-lens camera that is seriously impressive. We weren't expecting this much of a jump from even the iPhone XS from last year.
The performance improvement is also shocking because we're also getting much better battery life. And I mean MUCH better!
To hear all of my thoughts along with some awesome broll, watch this full review!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    If you enjoyed the review, Tap Like & Subscribe for our upcoming detailed camera comparison videos!

  • Diego Rodriguez
    Diego Rodriguez

    Great video! I think you nailed it with having “2 sides” of the review, coming from a tech enthusiast and a “regular” consumer. That gives us a better perspective of features that actually matter. I got for the first time the Pro, skipped the X and XS and got an XR instead. Coming from the XR I’m completely impressed with everything this phone offers and the battery life didn’t take a hit!

  • Hill16Dub.

    As a Samsung user for the last 8 years, (on an S9 Plus at the moment) I have to say that I viewed the iPhone 11 Pro today and I was completely knocked out with it. Beautiful, sleek, and so fast.

  • Mr Orange
    Mr Orange

    Only have had the Pro for about a day. Love it. I was going to get the 11 but I ended up getting the pro. Coming from the S8+ the phone felt small at first. I didn’t want a big phone again. Couldn’t be happier.

  • Dante Bradley
    Dante Bradley

    I've been using the Pro Max for about 2 weeks now, and it's honestly the best phone I've owned in the past 5 years. Screen is amazing, battery can last me 2 days, cameras are amazing, and iOS is efficient and practical and doesn't get in the way of usability. It may not be the best at every single thing, but it gets so many things right!

  • Jeramithehuman

    Went from 6s to the 11 pro. OMG it’s amazing. I felt this is what I’ve been waiting for

  • MaGa Spectre
    MaGa Spectre

    I’ve upgraded to the iPhone 11 Pro from the iPhone 6s Plus and this is so amazing. Since I originally had the iPhone 6s Plus, the size was too big for me in my opinion so I went for the iPhone 11 Pro and the size is good! And the battery life is unbelievable compared to the iPhone 6s Plus, I was on 100% and I used my new iPhone 11 Pro for about an hour and I am still on 100% since I used the fast battery charger which was in the box.

  • Khalil

    By far the best phone I've ever had. I upgraded to the Pro from the 7plus and I'm so happy I did. Great review btw.

  • Blake Jenkins
    Blake Jenkins

    You're so thorough with your reviews and I gotta say the production value is pretty far up there! I enjoy the videos I've seen and I am subscribed for more! Thanks for the honest reviews and I look forward to seeing more in the future!

  • Yu Y
    Yu Y

    Love how organized and detailed his videos are💗

  • Rick Harga
    Rick Harga

    I've been so disappointed with each & every upgrade I've done since the Apple iPhone 7, but I must admit even compared to the 10 XS Max, the iPhone 11 Pro Max is more like what I expected from Apple. It really is better in things that matter to me. The new iPhone 11 Pro Max is now an iPhone I can truly say I love!

  • Bryce.

    Upgraded from my 6s to 11 pro I honestly couldn’t comprehend how much of an upgrade it was in a good way. Not having to constantly worry about battery life and better display is awesome 🤘🏼

  • mkeebs

    I bought the 11 pro max for my wife and she loves it! Battery life, screen, sound and cameras are the best in class. I have the xs max and i can say that the 11 pro max is a step up in every way.

  • zaiwen3

    For someone who owns a MacBook Pro, iPad Pro and a PS4 Pro, never have I ever felt I became a Pro 😳

  • Paul Anderson
    Paul Anderson

    Going back and watching of the 11 Pro Max videos, the phone I got, and will soon be retiring. It was a great phone. I skipped the 12, and in hindsight, glad that I did. I’m going for the 13 Pro Max, looks like a solid upgrade from my faithful 11 Pro Max.

  • Vaibhav Gupta
    Vaibhav Gupta

    One of the best reviews out there, really well written, perfectly summarised

  • nycbike73

    I just revived my 11 max, love it. Cameras look fine, people blew it out of proportion. Phone looks very good in person.

  • Gambit 13
    Gambit 13

    Great video, as always, but I strongly disagree that the iPhone needs more ram. Apple products have never been ram dependent or even on the speed of the solid state memory. The proof is in the side by side comparisons with any android phones, coupled with the fact that even old iPhones do relatively well on iOS 13 (certainly better than their android counterparts). Getting more ram, just for the sake of having more is a waste of resources. A final example is the iPad Pro. I have yet to see any benchmarking or real world testing that shows the iPads with more ram (the 1TB option) are faster than the rest of last year’s iPad Pro models.

  • Robo Virtuoso
    Robo Virtuoso

    For an Apple user, your review is amazingly not fanboy-style. Kudos.

  • Almighty 6lue
    Almighty 6lue

    Max Tech: I’m not going to repeat anything you’ve already heard