iPhone 14 Pro: The ONE Reason Why I'm Buying it..
Max Tech
Out of all of the expected and LEAKED Features of the iPhone 14 Pro, there is ONE reason why I'm buying it instead of any other smartphone out there. Let me explain..
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Which feature are YOU looking forward to in the iPhone 14? Comment below!

  • Travel_and_Pixel

    To be fair, you’d upgrade regardless; let’s be honest. 😄

  • Stephen Early
    Stephen Early

    Although I appreciate them working on camera improvements, can’t see myself updating to 14 just for slight improvements on front and rear cameras. I have a feeling the iPhone 15 will be something special so I’m holding out to see what happens there

  • Pat Lopez
    Pat Lopez

    Photo quality matters to me, but USB-C connectivity is an equal issue for me. I’ll wait until the iPhone 15 and hope that both issues are addressed. Thank you for the update.

  • Jackson Bird
    Jackson Bird

    Personally for me I’m really looking forward to the iPhone 14 pro. I’m rocking the XS right now and it’s great but I’m September it’ll be 4 years old. I love photography and I’m super excited for the possible new camera setup this phone might have alongside all of the newer tech inside it. This will all vary from person to person but that’s at least how I feel. I can’t wait!!

  • Daniel Dickerson
    Daniel Dickerson

    I like the more nuanced take from Max here. The pill doesn’t excite me personally, but the camera improvements do, especially that new wide angle lens. I won’t be upgrading from my 13 Pro Max myself, but I’m still looking forward to see the camera improvements across the board. Again, that new 48mp sensor will be an especially big improvement, hopefully.

  • Richard Allen
    Richard Allen

    My interest in camera upgrades hovers around -14...

  • Aaron Perkins
    Aaron Perkins

    For me it's the final print size that matters. When I tend to print out my photos, I usually only print them at 4x6in. Occasionally I'll do a 8x10 for a nice portrait. So the megapixels of a sensor for me is mainly dependent on how large I want to actually print an image. My iPhone12 can create pretty good 8x10s when I make sure the subject is lit properly etc. Anything larger than an 8x10 print, then the sensor size will probably need to be increased some, so that you get a sharp image. The current 12mp iPhone camera though is decent, but its low light properties are not that great to be sure. I'll be interested in seeing your reviews when you get a 14pro to test.

  • H. H.
    H. H.

    Is there any scenario where you won’t upgrade? Don’t think so.

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Wow-Now I understand what a difference this truly is-This is insane-Thanks so much for your detailed yet simple content!.Really appreciate your effort’s and dedication!-Keep it up🙂🔥-Also I really care about the camera on my iPhone!.

  • BayTown

    I remember having an HTC One when the iPhone 6 came out. I thought it was ridiculous that Apple loyalists were in line for a phone that didn’t even have 1080p res screens. Sadly HTC fell off the high end race and I’ve been using an XR since it went on sale 3 years ago. I’m excited about the camera upgrades but finally happy that the notch will be gone. I feel like Apple will keep its design for a couple models anyways. It’s like they don’t like to admit when something is wrong but I have to admit quality wise I’m too upset that my XR has kept up over the years.

  • Lee Lanzini
    Lee Lanzini

    Wow I was a little hesitant about the iPhone 13 pro camera being really detailed until I saw the zoom in comparison. Now even more exited for the 48MP upgrade


    Today, 01/06/22, only a few days left to the Apple’s conference where all shall be revealed, and everyone will know where they stand. Thank you, Max, for your active channel. You're always the first to break the insight news among others, and your fans appreciate the information to understand Apple’s new products, whether to buy existing products or wait. We appreciate you and your Timeless, outstanding effort. Thank you 👍💕

  • BolusTube

    I rarely use the camera, 99.9% of my time on screen using apps.

  • warren gaskin
    warren gaskin

    I haven’t used a dedicated camera in over 10 years so yes I want the best smartphone camera I can get. Looking forward to the iPhone 14

  • That Sh‌ِi‌ُt Goooood
    That Sh‌ِi‌ُt Goooood

    48mp camera, better selfie shooter and even bigger battery along with 120hz, even more rounded corners and USB 3 speed on lightning, definitely upgrading this year so glad I've sold my 12 Pro Max

  • The Migue Pizar Show
    The Migue Pizar Show

    Yep, same as me, I will buy just for the camera, this time I don't expect much, but in any case, it will be way more worthy than coming from the 12 pro to the 13 pro. Thanks for the video as always.

  • Noah Hellyer
    Noah Hellyer

    I am still deciding if I get the pro or pro max for the 14. I hear they are going to be great phones!

  • hieuniverse

    I’m planning to buy the iPhone 14 Pro coming from my launch day 11 Pro Max. I’m looking forward to a smaller form factor, 120Hz, and camera improvements.

  • Mooly M
    Mooly M

    You’re a tech reviewer buddy, of course you’re gonna buy it, no reasons needed