Why you'll Buy the iPhone 14 DESPITE not having USB-C! 😂
Max Tech
The next iPhone will NOT come with a USB-C port, but I believe you're STILL Gonna UPGRADE! In this video, I'll explain all of the reasons why!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are YOU gonna upgade to iPhone 14? Comment your thought below!

  • Larry Fasnacht
    Larry Fasnacht

    I’m looking forward to USB-C just to simplify my cable situation, but I’m not looking forward to replacing a bunch of my lighting chargers and adapters.

  • Loren Jones
    Loren Jones

    I can't imagine upgrading until USB-C arrives, knowing that's coming in 15. That's huge for me....tired of carrying multiple cables. The 13 should have had C.

  • PfropfNo1

    I spent 800 bucks on my iPhone XR in early 2019. Twice as much as my previous most expensive phone. I told myself I will use it 5 years if it doesn’t break before. It’s still going strong and 5 years means I have to skip iPhone 14 but will get iPhone 15. If I’m honest with myself, I would never need to upgrade. The XR shoots 4K 60fps videos, has Face ID and is reliable, snappy and fast. And yes, i see that newer iPhones take better pictures but I’m not a professional. I take some videos on vacation to send to family and friends. Sometimes cut a movie for myself to remember. Camera is more than enough. And I don’t need pro motion to watch social media and text my friends. I kinda want to have these gimmicks just because they are cool. But if I’m honest it myself, the XR is still enough

  • Deathbladestan

    Maybe the pro 14 will come with usb-c. given the data limitations of lightning. If Max is saying they are going to somehow bump up lighting (rumor) it would make more sense just to use usb-c, then upgrading lightning to increase data speed. So I can see the pros get usb-c first before the other iphones.

  • Sacto1654

    I still think that Apple may include USB Type C connectors with Thunderbolt 3/USB 3.2 2x1 support on the iPhone 14 Pro models, but keep Lightning (but in an enhanced form with USB 3.0 connectivity and 27 W charging rate) on the regular iPhone 14.

  • Bobby Roberts
    Bobby Roberts

    Not just type C, the Periscope and titanium frame and removed camera bump on Iphone 15 pro, these features more than enough to skip iphone 14 series

  • Jordan Garth
    Jordan Garth

    Awesome video although I have my doubts with lightening being upgraded to usb 3.0.

  • Neil Goldsmith
    Neil Goldsmith

    A larger aperture DECREASES the depth of field (the field which is in focus) giving you greater out of focus areas, but otherwise a great vid 😊

  • Sergio Casino
    Sergio Casino

    With Apple it's ALWAYS Next years model ....

  • Popa

    I personally haven’t used the port for anything other than charging. So idc.

  • Michael Moy
    Michael Moy

    I have a growing collection of USB-C cables and I really prefer the 13 mini form factor over larger phones. So my plan is to wait for the iPhone 16 mini, iPhone 17 mini or iPhone 18 mini. Whenever it comes out is fine for me. I typically keep phones for 5 years.

  • Mohan Nair
    Mohan Nair

    It’s a no for me dawg. In addition to being pitchy in spots, a lack of usb-c means I’ll be hanging on to my 11 pro max for one more year. It’s getting painful at this point, but I’m sick of digging for cables and having to switch them when I’m travelling with my MacBook Pro which does use usb-c.

  • Apple&Aviation time
    Apple&Aviation time

    Even if it does not have a difference at all we will all apple fans still buy it, but it looks like there will be a significant upgrade. I can t wait to see it

  • JarekMa2

    Most likely IP 14 Pro will be the one I will upgrade to. But for me it will be a massive bump - from iPhone 11 😁 Personally, I'd prefer USB-C but to any means - it's not a deal breaker.

  • Yahya Boussebaa
    Yahya Boussebaa

    I used to upgrade my iphone and having the last best one every year when I was a student. Paradoxically, now that I earn much more, I only get a new phone when mine is destroyed. I’ve had the iphone 7 until it was barely working and moved to 11 pro. And it works pretty well still, so probably not gonna buy anything until the iphone 16 at least (or more if it keeps working). As much as I like apple products, there is nothing for me at upgrading all the time, and I absolutely HATE apple’s predatory strategy.

  • Brandon Rivera
    Brandon Rivera

    The 13 pro max for $999 is a better buy than the $899 14 max!

  • vladimir de lima
    vladimir de lima

    Great video! one question though:

  • Andreas Bartel
    Andreas Bartel

    I‘ll buy it because it hopefully will have lightning.

  • Damon Lam
    Damon Lam

    I'm almost relieved to hear that lightning is not going away. The two apple product that I always use on the go, iPhone and AirPods max, are both lightning, it would be a mess for apple to switch to USB C and then I have to juggle two different cables every where when I see absolutely no reason to replace my AirPods max for at least another 2 or 3 years.