Unbiased S20 Ultra vs S20+ vs Note 10 Camera Comparison!
Max Tech
Is the S20 Ultra REALLY the best Samsung phone for Photos & Video? You might be shocked!
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Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G packs some awesome new camera tech, including a 108MP main camera, a 48MP periscope telephoto lens, a 12MP ultra-wide and a 40MP front-facing selfie camera!
Those are all really great specs, but can the S20 Ultra prove itself in this unbiased camera comparison where Vadim has no idea which phone took which photo?
We will see how it stands up against the S20 Plus and Note 10 Plus. Is it way better, or possibly worse?
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    What did YOU think? Does the S20 Ultra have the best camera or would you go for something else?

  • Md.Nazmul Alam Evan
    Md.Nazmul Alam Evan

    A minute of silence for those who traded Note 10+ for the Ultra. ✌️

  • Florian Scheunert
    Florian Scheunert

    This just shows the hidden potential of the S20 series. The Note10+ got amazing through software updates the last months. Therefore, I am sure there will be a lot of improvement with the s20's over time.

  • rsluminator

    This is exactly the video I was looking for before deciding between the plus and the ultra. Love the idea of putting the captured content without labels for an unbiased comparison. Thank you guys a lot.

  • Gary Gerhardt
    Gary Gerhardt

    I have not been impressed with the camera updates on my S20 Ultra up until this latest one. Auto focus finally works without having to manually touch where to focus, and macro mode looks AMAZING. Worth a 2nd look for sure, finally.

  • Reflections And Resonance
    Reflections And Resonance

    It will be interesting to see if this changes with updates. I expect Samsung can squeeze a lot more out of the Ultra yet. It's pretty different to the other cameras so there is potential there for changes while the other 2 may be close to the best they could be. Gonna keep an eye out before I invest.

  • Jeremy Chua
    Jeremy Chua

    Bought my note10+ during the pre order and never regretted ever since. This video made me more proud being a Note10+ user 🤙🏼

  • Ervin Ramos
    Ervin Ramos

    Just wanted to say awesome comparisons this is exactly the kind of video we need! Feel free to make video like this Everytime a new phone comes out!

  • ThistleBee

    The S20+ won it for me. Thanks for this- awesome comparison. The only thing I ask is that the next time you do one of these, leave the shots for us to look at up just a hair’s breadth longer- it got annoying having to pause the video frequently to look more closely & decide. But- I loved this! Thanks!

  • Fern Aguilar
    Fern Aguilar

    As a Note 10+ owner I'm very happy with the camera performance on auto, but even just learning to adjust the exposure for different shots can make the shots on the 10+ even better, and on pro mode you can have exposures up to 30 seconds.

  • elegantwinters

    Watching this on my Note 10+ and I'm loving these results.

  • DrAhmedAlothmaN

    S20+ is my overall choice, note 10 is a tough competitor especially with the pen, however the new possessor and the 120hz display make the new s20 is my choice.

  • tropolite

    With S20+ and Ultra being new I'd say there will be firmware updates for the camera system to fix a number of those issues shown. Note 10+ has been out for quite some time. I've seen these issues with many phone cameras when they are first released but after a couple of firmware updates my guess will be they will be on par for the most part.

  • Kira Stoyko
    Kira Stoyko

    Thank you so much for this video. I'm up for renewal and was really looking for the best camera. I was leaning towards the Note because of the stylus and working on web pages. This really helped me make up my mind and I'll be crossing my fingers for those software updates!

  • Rennie Ash
    Rennie Ash

    Good to see the limitations of a big zoom lens shown here, it was kind of what I thought would happen, does worse in 2-3.9x zoom, and 4x + suffers in low light.

  • Mark Kropf
    Mark Kropf

    Amazing camera comparison thanks!

  • nonoyMARVIN

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this video. This is the reason why I choose the NOTE 10+ compared to others though it's already a year older but still performs well.

  • Ryan

    Great idea for a camera test - enjoyed seeing the comparisons and how camera tech is evolving.

  • Luca Francesco Domini
    Luca Francesco Domini

    Nice video guys, some good shots and some unbelievable outcomes from all the phones 👌🏼 I'm happy with my note 10+ for now! Keep up the good work bro ❤👊🏼

  • rob ord
    rob ord

    this is the most objective review i’ve ever seen. the note10+ is also the winner on my scoresheet. thanks for this review