12.9" M1 iPad Pro Ultimate Review after 1 Month - No More Excuses..
Max Tech
5 Things that are shockingly wrong with the 12.9" M1 iPad Pro. My Honest Long-Term Review..
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In this review, we talk about exactly WHY people are so upset about the new M1 iPad Pro, and then we take a look at it from realistic expectations.
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    What do YOU think about the 5 inexcusable issues I cover with the M1 iPad Pro? Let us know below!

  • Steve Hagen
    Steve Hagen

    They accidentally designed a real game changer, so they broke its legs to keep the old game going 😕

  • Photonic Cannon
    Photonic Cannon

    I have felt the exact same way with my brand new iPhone 12. Fastest phone ever made, but in the end, I still can’t do anything new on it that I couldn’t do on my 8. It just feels artificially held back at this point.

  • Jason Warren
    Jason Warren

    I detect zero lies in anything he’s said. I’m still rocking the second Gen 12.9 iPad Pro and while it’s definitely aging it still gets the job done for my use case. I want more from the software and will wait to see if Apple unleashes the power of the M1 in the iPad. Thank you for this.

  • Les Rock
    Les Rock

    Thank you for being one of the few people to evaluate Apple enthusiastically while still holding them accountable. Apple fanboys are why apple gets away with their restricted functionality.

  • Christian Cabanero
    Christian Cabanero

    I loved how honest and practical this long term review was. Really helped me avoid making a purchase mistake.

  • Alfred Lopez
    Alfred Lopez

    As a software engineer, I always advise:"Find the software you want to use, then buy the hardware that runs it." This way, you're never disappointed. You software claims are, somewhat, valid, but keep in mind that Apple never made any promises in that regard. Yes, the "potential" is there, but until it's a reality, you should never use something that was not intended to be used in such a way. I agree that Apple's prices are too far out, and though I own many of their products, I draw the line on certain things that make no sense. Like paying over $2000 for an iPad which I KNOW WILL NOT RUN THE SOFTWARE I WANT and, therefore, will not replace my MacBook Air, for example. With that said, I use an M1 iPad Pro 11" (base model) for "iPad stuff", but I must say that it you're mostly creating documents, editing photos, or maintaining a server or a website, on the go, the iPad Pro is more than capable. My wife has the base M1 iPad 12.9" which she uses exclusively for her work and is a perfect fit for what she does, including the screen real estate that she needs. These machines


    An awesome and very reasonable video. Feel like the statement; buy something for what it is and not what it could be is crucial here.

  • William Schmidt
    William Schmidt

    As an artist my needs are so completely different it’s wild! I use mine almost exclusively as a drawing tablet, and so the large size is really vital.

  • E. Deborah
    E. Deborah

    Moral of the story:

  • EV Nomads - Branden & Kalie
    EV Nomads - Branden & Kalie

    The 12.9” iPad hardware is incredible, but the software is such a let down for no reason. Sold mine and moved to M1 MacBook Air for essentially half the price. I now picked up an iPad Mini to go with my MBA and it’s a very good combo, but would love to just be able to have an iPad Pro for everything.

  • Sasquatch

    Given the changes made, and given how things evolve over time…I think the initial statements “after a month I wish I hadn’t bought it and if I could return it I would” are more for users that upgrade every couple years etc. for those of us still using the iPad Air 2, and who have figured out how to adapt and use that iPad as a pc replacement for nearly everything…I think the pro M1 could be the one I would upgrade to, and keep it again for another 8 to 10 years and it will be future proof potentially for that amount of time.

  • Victor Chong
    Victor Chong

    watching this made me feel the same about the Mac mini M1, other cool temps and great hardware performance, Tim has gone the route of Intel, little incremental upgrades to keep fanboys happy. You hit the nail on the head when you said they keep bragging about the fantastic hardware but fail to mention that they crippled the software so that you have to buy rhe entire lineup. This is terrible when many have lost jobs and need a do everything device that they can afford. Compared to Android, Apple is taking the best tech and giving them out evey Christmas and not cutting edge at all. Shame on Apple, only interested in digging more bucks from their loyal fan base!!

  • Tyrone LT
    Tyrone LT

    I don’t understand why people would hate on this. Criticism is what leads to better products/product support.

  • Jonathan Miller
    Jonathan Miller

    Love the detail level of this video and accurately describes the frustration that so many of us have with the “artificial limitations” imposed on iPads especially when using external monitors. There are a few specialized software that can take advantage of the full real-estate of external monitors, but these are very sparse. Apple should have included this or at some point update their support capabilities. Also the limitations of dealing with external storage drives are very un-Apple in my opinion. Not being able to format or eject drives, so many limitations. I can understand not having everything instantly when M1 iPads were released, but the updates should be coming / roadmap or something. I too was excited to upgrade to M1 iPad, but ended up returning mine after testing. Just not enough useful advantages over my existing 12.9 iPad Pro 4th gen. the new screen is incredible, but for day to day use, not watching HDR movies in a dark room, even side by side with my prior gen, it just was not as impressive as it should have been. Pros do pro work, and that is more than just watching movies or HDR content. Would have loved if at least some of the 1000 nit brightness could be utilized more readily, especially when using the iPad outdoors in bright sunlight or other harshly bright environments. Seems like 99% tasks are limited to ~600 nits just like my prior gen 12.9. I also like the comments about “we are not asking Apple to put macOS on the iPad” and I somewhat agree with that. I think Apple should at least explore the blended area more. If they would remove some of these limitations and have even only 1 iPad that was more of a MacBook capable replacement (this doesn’t mean full macOS), I think there are a large number of people that would pay an extra 1000 or whatever for that true hybrid type device. Or enough to make up for that small set of users that might not buy both an iPad and a MacBook [Pro] as well.

  • Brian Alpert
    Brian Alpert

    For the cost of a well optioned iPad Pro 12 inch, you might consider a MacBook Air with 16 GIGs of Ram, 1 terabyte SSD, plus an iPad Air with a smart keyboard (no trackpad). My son has this combination and he loves it. The iPad Air has a gorgeous display and can be used in sidecar mode with his MacBook. The iPad is just the basic version so he uses the MacBook for all the heavy lifting. It's a fantastic combination.

  • Shivte

    No worries, each year they will start adding incrementel improvements on this subject and in about 15years you'll have your iPad you always wanted haha Keep the faith and definitely keep buying ipads untill then 🤣

  • Luca James
    Luca James

    This is just my personal preference but for me having the 12.9 M1 iPad as my first iPad in years is amazing. Using it as a laptop replacement for school and notes works amazing and it can keep up with a vigorous grad school workflow. It was obvious to me even before buying that if you had the older 2020 iPad Pro that you don’t need the M1. I wanted the most future proof so I got that. If you had the 2020 and upgraded but are disappointed I just think you needed to do more research before purchasing

  • Beautiful knowledge
    Beautiful knowledge

    It’s really just jaw dropping how powerful these iPads are!!! It really shows how advanced our technology is nowadays !!

  • Abe B.
    Abe B.

    It’s hilarious how they advertise IPad as a PC/computer replacement, yet limit it so it can’t be a Mac replacement…