iPhone 12 vs 12 Pro: Real-World Differences after 1 Week
Max Tech
Is the iPhone 12 Pro ACTUALLY worth the extra $200 compared to the regular iPhone 12? Here are some differences we noticed after 1 full week of using them both!
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We've been using Apple's iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro for over a week now, and we've found some actually interesting differences between the two that you won't find on Apple's website!
You might actually be surprised by the iPhone that we recommend in this video.
So let's go through all of the real-world differences that we've discovered after 1 week!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    NEW! Check out our 12 Pro Max vs 12 Pro vs 12 camera comparison➡

  • Danny Winget
    Danny Winget

    Man you guys are killing it lately! Good stuff. 👏🏻

  • dan imondi
    dan imondi

    Another thing to consider is that the 12 Pro is more future proof thanks to the additional ram. The ~10% price difference pays off over time by giving you a smoother running phone for longer. That’s especially important to consider since the true potential of the a14 is yet to be realized.

  • Kiele Thompson
    Kiele Thompson

    At first I had my heart set on the iPhone 12 pro because of how it looked and because I thought the camera was way better, until I watched some more reviews and realised they are practically the same and the chances of me using portrait mode at night time are very slim considering I don’t even use it in the day, so I’m going to have to go for the 12 because I can even get more gbs for less money so for me it’s perfect

  • Tony A.
    Tony A.

    Loved this comparison. All the reason to go Pro. I loved all the points pointed out int he video and is exactly why I'm going with the 12 Pro this year. I usually go with the Max but I want the compact size this year. Although I know SOME of the features in the Max will edge out the standard Pro, I'm comfortable with the amazing ability out of the 12 Pro. Not many people are talking about it but I'll be downloading many more AR apps to take advantage of that LiDAR sensor too.

  • Brandon & Kim Baker
    Brandon & Kim Baker

    I was leaning toward the baseline iPhone 12 before watching this video (after viewing several other reviews). Now, I'm definitely going with the Pro. Informative real-world results that honed in on the capabilities that matter most to me beyond the raw specs. Thank you --> SUBSCRIBED!

  • Christopher Loughrey
    Christopher Loughrey

    There's a lot less of a difference difference between the Pro and the standard model this year than there was last year. Last year the difference was much bigger, with 5G and the OLED display only on the Pro. But this year the standard model has all those pro features and it now really only comes down to the camera upgrade and whether photography is very important to you as iOS and the 5nm A14 is so heavily optimised that 6GB ram over the 4Gb is a lot less significant than it would be for an Android phone

  • stross

    I feel like if you’re the kind of person that only expects to have your iPhone for 2 years max, the 12 is perfectly fine. But if you’re like me and you intend to hold on to your phone for 4 + years, either of the Pros seems like the better bet and worth the money. I opted for the 12 Pro.

  • Galactic Maui
    Galactic Maui

    This video was exactly the logic I had and the same conclusion I came to when deciding. I went Pro because I’m not planning on upgrading for a minimum of 4 years and am a camera nerd. Thought about the max for a moment but the 6.1” display is already pushing it for a one handed phone.

  • SteelHex

    That’s what I’ve been saying all along. Most people need 128GB storage anyway, and $120 extra buys you a lot more features with the Pro. The telephoto camera and the extra 2GB RAM alone are worth the price difference. Having a steel frame, LIDAR, 60 hz Dolby HDR, night mode portrait, and ProRAW format are icing on the cake.

  • Josh Ames
    Josh Ames

    There were a lot more differences with the photos than I expected. Definitely glad I'm waiting for the Max version now.

  • Traceries

    For me, I just want a smaller phone so I was planning to get the 12 Mini. My 10S doesn’t have LiDar but it does have the 2x zoom so that is one thing I am a little worried about missing.

  • Hussain Ali
    Hussain Ali

    Since I admire the 4s design , I feel 12pro is so similar to it , especially with its stainless steel frame 😍❤️

  • GOAT

    The reason I prefer the 12 more is not only being $200 cheaper but it's also 25g lighter. The X/XS/XR/11/11 Pro/12 Pro are all generally heavy. And T-Mobile has many trade-in offers for it.

  • Richard Barnes
    Richard Barnes

    Good info Max, thanks 🙏🏻 I’m ordering the 12 Pro Max purely because I have the Xs Max now and do like the larger screen BUT I can also see me sending it back and going for the smaller 12 Pro as well. I’m struggling to make my mind up at the moment and won’t be going to any Apple stores either. The larger phones are ok, it’s the weight that gets on my nerves. Already the 12 Pro Max weighs 2g more than my Xs Max with a Pitaka MagCase on it. So by the time I get a case on the 12 Pro Max it will be heavier again. Anyway, I am upgrading regardless to get the Qualcomm modem, never mind anything else. My 6S Plus had better indoor reception than my Xs Max has ever had. Crazy.

  • lospopularos

    I bought both the 12 and the 12 Pro Max about a month ago and I still can't decide which one I prefer. I got both of them second-hand, but still boxed and sealed for about $250 less altogether (and no tax, of course). My SIM card is in the 12 and I use the 12 Pro Max for shooting vids and various music apps.

  • Dexter Bentley
    Dexter Bentley

    I almost went with the 12 just because I really like the blue color, but I ended up going with the 12 pro in pacific blue instead. I used the telephoto lens quite frequently on the 11 Pro and didn't want to give that up.

  • Stephen Hunt
    Stephen Hunt

    This is the place to go for the most useful info on Apple products imo and I subscribe to several other reviewers. As far as keeping your phone for many years, I think one must also consider the trade value as well as provider incentives. For me this year, my Xs Max trade netted me a 50% discount on a 12 Pro.

  • Herb Cohen Flow
    Herb Cohen Flow

    I have the Pro and love it. I have already taken some amazing full moon pics that I could not get close to with my full size pro digital camera that has software for sky shots. The battery lasts me two days plus with my normal use. On a full charge ends the day at 78%. After my 6s that is so wonderful. I have gotten used to the weight. It’s a no brainer- this is a really fine instrument.

  • Sadoon Al Shammari
    Sadoon Al Shammari

    It depends on your financial situation if you are in a tight budget of course you should stick with the regular 12 but if you are financially strong please go for the pro without any hesitation,it’s worth the money 💰 and it’s an amazing iPhone,thank you so much for the review.