AirPods Pro vs AirPods 2 - Real Differences after 1 week!
Max Tech
I've been using AirPods Pro for 1 week, and here's everything I discovered.. along with my thoughts on if they're actually worth the extra cash over the AirPods 2.
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Apple's AirPods Pro are changing the game once again! But the question is.. are they actually worth the massive $250 price tag?
I'll give you my thoughts after spending 1 week with AirPods Pro compared to a couple of years with the regular AirPods.
There are some very interesting findings in this video!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do you think the AirPods Pro are ACTUALLY worth $250? Let us know down below!

  • CptnXClp2

    Can’t see myself paying $250 for these , I’ll close my eyes and buy them

  • william benitez
    william benitez

    Very impressive IMO for

  • Rikko S N
    Rikko S N

    I've been using it for couple months and yes, it is really worth it to buy the AirPods Pro. The audio quality really way much better than the previous gen of AirPods and that noise cancellation mode tho. I use that mode in the flight frequently and believe me, your flight will be way more comfortable because its blocked most of the plane engine's noise.

  • Adam V.
    Adam V.

    Fun fact: The "Coin pocket" that we all have in our jeans is actually for pocket watches when they were first came out.

  • Zech Kim
    Zech Kim

    I thought these were a ripoff but I tried my dads noise cancelation inside an innout today. As soon as it activated, it felt like alien technology. Sounded like I was inside a library instantly. Was SHOOOOK by how well they work. Going to sell my 1s and buy these 100%

  • DENNIS Kousto
    DENNIS Kousto

    I bought them during Xmas with the extended returns. My take as a super active person.

  • Antoine Viau
    Antoine Viau

    This is exactly and absolutely true! I was really concerned about silicone tips that I dislike for the compression feeling as well as the inner gut sound of your insides but since I received them as gift and that I trust Apple for their design and engineering research, I gave them a try and came up to this absolute same conclusion. This magic that makes them feel like AirPods with much better sound and refinement in the dynamic range. Same conclusion as well with the aptic command. Overall an impressive, still expensive, but impressive ear buds.

  • Tai Quality
    Tai Quality

    Wow, not many videos are as detailed, well spoken, while being straight to the point hitting every major attribute with proof. Love it! You got a sub from me.

  • 2Evan

    Really enjoyed this review since we've just received our Air Pods Pro - still in the box though (summertime!). First time we go wireless bc a lot of videoconferencing from home. Happy to hear that the Pros are worth it, especially since we'll keep them for quite a while (also easy to add extra money when you're spending a lot on hardware at the same time; boy, online retailers must love this comment). Curious about the comfort. Might use them 2-4 hours on end on occasion, but can still switch to regular iPhone earphones if needed. Anything past 60 minutes with earphones on seems too long anyway.

  • WillN2Go1

    I've found the AirPod Pros to be the best ear-buds/headphones I've ever had. The 'vacuum' from noise canceling isn't there while the noise cancelling works really well. (It's weird how this can be bothersome sometimes.) I've had over the ear headphones, noise cancelling headphones, a lot of ear buds. (Previous best was Audio-Technica ATHANC7 Noise-cancelling Headphones that I purchased in 2007, still use, especially in my woodshop, and while on the treadmill to watch movies. I think the AirPod Pros will now take their place. In the shop, what I often did was to just wear ballistic ear muffs over my wired earbuds. Now I'll probably do this with the AirPod Pros.)

  • Alexander Montes
    Alexander Montes

    Ok this guy is good, the more he talks about the new AirPods the closer I find my self getting to the Apple store

  • Joseph Yu
    Joseph Yu

    The Airpods pro are actually quite good in terms of the audio and functions it has. It just that it actually gets a bit uncomfortable after a while tbh. Keep em in your pocket , but bring non-rubber tip ones as well

  • Brokensh3ll

    Imagine buying airpods just for airpods 2 to come out. Then you buy those just for the pros to come out. And you buy those too. Thats like $600 on airpods

  • George Duncan
    George Duncan

    Nice review. I recently purchased the Airpods 2 without the charging case at Best Buy for $145 having never owned them before. I decided whether the long rumoured new Airpods came out or not l wasn’t going to regret owning them because l loved what they did: felt like you had these super light and comfortable things sitting in the ledge of your ears directing sound into your ear canal while still hearing everything around you. The connection to my iPhone was seamless - what was there not to like? When these new Airpods came out l thought ‘Maybe l was wrong?’ So l went down to the Apple store and tried the Pros and found them although supper comfortable too, didn’t find a great deal difference. But in retrospect I see that Apple has a specific sound signature, which is fine. So l don’t regret buying the Airpods 2 but l will pick up the Pros too because they’re both great for different occasions.

  • Matt B
    Matt B

    I just tried the Air Pods for a week, and had to upgrade to the Air Pods pro. Air pods do have what I would classify as 'acceptable' sound quality in the mid to high freq range, with bass that distorts (then tries to EQ out) at medium-high volume. Fitment of the Air Pod is strictly reliant on its weight and the ear skin oil to keep them in place. You won't be able to wear these while laying in the sun since they do fall out, and forget about using them while working out. Tap control worked nicely just as you'd expect from Apple.

  • Ed G.
    Ed G.

    I got mine yesterday and so far I love them.

  • Mike Kimble
    Mike Kimble

    Thanks for the excellent review. My experience has been similar. I use the AirPods all day to work on, then I switch to wearing them during exercise. I noticed they weren’t as comfortable at first as well, but my ears soon adjusted. Kind of like how you get saddle soar when you haven’t ridden a bike in awhile, but if you keep riding your bum get used to it!

  • One Guitarist
    One Guitarist

    Good review and notes. I never had the first AirPods so I can't compare. The sound quality on the Pros are as good or better than my Beats buds that I use at the gym, and actually get louder - which is good. After a few weeks, I'm still having issues keeping them in my ear, especially when eating or chewing gum. I'm getting used to them though, and will probably get some memory foam tips like others have recommended.

  • Marshall Fox
    Marshall Fox

    I had the AirPod 2nd gen and upgraded to the AirPod Pros and just returned them after about a week because they had absolutely no bass. I loved everything else about them but didn’t seem worth keeping. I went back to the 2nd gens and saved about $117. And I wouldn’t doubt if Apple will announce AirPods 3rd gen in early March. Gotta love that return period lol.