How Apple JUST Ruined the M1 iPad Pro with iPadOS 15..
Max Tech
Apple's WWDC 2021 just ended and iPadOS 15 has been fully revealed. Why did Apple do this?
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are you going to Return your M1 iPad Pro? Let us know your thoughts on iPadOS 15 below!

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock


  • Steven Schmidt
    Steven Schmidt

    The reason Apple upgraded the iPad Pro to M1 was to consolidate their chip manufacturing, not to make the iPad faster. The more products use the M1, the cheaper that chip is because of economies of scale.

  • IGNSkeletons

    Imagine if Apple ditched the Macbook in the same way they 'killed' the iPod and just made the iPad a full MacOS touchscreen experience where you can toggle between both operating systems until they unite eventually into one mega-do-it-all device.

  • Arnold Apostol
    Arnold Apostol

    There’s no way Apple is just gonna ditch their MacBook lineup.

  • I_Dawg123

    I’m still on the 1st ever iPad Air, so I’ll definitely be noticing the upgrade 😂 too many people just buy the brand new models year after year expecting some incredible changes, like it’s only been a year; if you really want to feel a significant difference, then hold on to what you have and wait a few years. Tbh you don’t need the new model if you already got last years model, it makes no sense lol but ehh to each their own I guess.

  • Nicholas Rey
    Nicholas Rey

    I upgraded from a 6th Gen iPad to a 11’’ iPad Pro recently and I absolutely love it. I have been doing all of my computing from an iPad for a while now so this feels like a HUGE upgrade.I don’t feel like anything is ruined. But, maybe I don’t do as much with mine as you do with yours.

  • Archie Garcia
    Archie Garcia

    That’s the thing, Apple doesn’t want you to be able to say, “I don’t need a MacBook anymore”

  • Leo Febey
    Leo Febey

    I've been wanting more desktop-like functionality out of iPads for years.. But I'm giving up hope that they'll do it any time soon, which is why I don't plan on buying an iPad Pro any time soon. I will stick to cheaper tablets and real laptops for the work and hobby projects that I do. Which is a shame, because iPads are great machines.

  • AviationShortys

    I have waited since last September for the new iPad release and for the WWDC21 to hear the announcements, hoping they will have some kind of bridge between the MAC and iPad operating systems for start. I was very disappointed to see not to hear apple saying that this is the way they are intending to go. That makes me wonder if I want to invest in the iPad being so limited with what can be done with it...

  • Jordan Lankhorst
    Jordan Lankhorst

    Curious how the M1 chip or future Apple Silicon understand your workflow to produce faster speeds that previou iPads, but looking forward to one operating system among all devices that allows you to basically pick your display size and portability in the future.

  • Raul Gorgulio
    Raul Gorgulio

    After WWDC I decided that I'll go with iPad Air 2020 as my next tablet. But I still hope that Apple will unleash all that M1 power in Pro iPads someday.

  • MrElectrifyer

    You're literally reading my mind man! Frankly, all I'm waiting for is for Apple to release a device like this running the full-fledged macOS. With support for full-fledged mouse/keyboard friendly macOS Desktop apps, extending to external monitors, pen/touch friendly iPadOS/iOS apps, and with a UI that transforms depending on which form the device is in (just like what Samsung offers on their Tab S line with DeX mode).

  • Stephen Chartrand
    Stephen Chartrand

    Pro Tip:

  • Davis 'Zarrix' DarkFyre
    Davis 'Zarrix' DarkFyre

    Seeing this makes me glad I waited to see the reviews but more importantly wanted to see more productivity software to utilize the new hardware but now with those limitations on the ram makes me think we won’t see anything groundbreaking if anything at all. Thank you for keeping us updated!!

  • Doug Zauha
    Doug Zauha

    I own a technology company and have been an Apple user since 1984. The funny thing about reviewers such as these is that they attempt to predict where a manufacturer is headed with their product line to either give the impression they are more knowledgeable or have some kind of insider knowledge. Then, when the reviewer got it wrong, it is the manufacture’s fault and the reviewer jumps off the deep end by saying, “I am going to return this product.” Of which they generally don’t. It was all about impression and subscribers. This is just another example. Nice guy, well polished video…just ill informed. Always buy your technology with your use case as the primary focus. Never buy based upon what someone else said…nine times our of ten they will be wrong…you will be out a lot of money…and it will always be someone else’s fault. Good luck everyone.

  • robbe4711

    I hoped for a better management of external screens even on my old iPad Pro. It is a bit stupid to pack such a high performance processor into the new model and not utilizing the extra power and make this tablet a real notebook replacement.

  • Kevin Lahens
    Kevin Lahens

    I’ll wait until iPad OS 16 to make a judgement. The M1 iPad came out a couple of weeks before the announcement, so I’m not expecting crazy software in the first year. They could of been keeping this iPad secret to the software team so leaks to get out. It’s just wishful thinking, but I’m hoping iPad OS 16 changes more things

  • Alteori

    Last ipad I had was the iPad 2. Soooooo... For me... It is a freaking dragon

  • True Cuckoo
    True Cuckoo

    I think the real reason for the disappointment here… is that I love my iPad Pro. I don’t love my MacBook Pro anymore. I think from the flat touchbar models the love kinda went down. I have a Mac because I need it, and an iPad Pro because I want it. So I WANT the iPad platform to evolve.