iPhone 14 Delays - Apple wasn't expecting THIS..
Max Tech
We just got some terrible news about the iPhone 14 being FAR behind schedule in terms of release preparations, so in this video, I explain why and I also share the LATEST leaks and rumors!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Would YOU wait LONGER for the iPhone 14 lineup? Comment why below!

  • Antony Dick
    Antony Dick

    I love your videos... Very informative and you don't go over our heads when explaining all the tech specs... You make it a lot easier to understand... Keep up the good work...

  • Jon Chiappetta
    Jon Chiappetta

    Thanks for covering the latest news on this, it is getting tough financially & economically for people right now and I think Apple is stumbling a bit with all the craziness still going on. It feels like Apple may have some product misses but if they can focus and push through some new designs that people are interested in they can rebound from the losses. For now, I am going to try and stick with my iPhone 13 Mini for as long as I can in the mean time and hopefully save some money for a future mini phone down the line!

  • Zacharie Chiron
    Zacharie Chiron

    Honestly I am much more concerned for the working conditions of the workers in those factories and for how the economy will affect people's lives than about whether the new iPhone will be delayed by a few weeks…

  • Michael Moy
    Michael Moy

    I normally read and watch several other sources for financial data; very nice that you provided all of the details about the financial situation with Apple and aspects of the global economy.

  • TonyTyga90

    If it’s delayed before being announced, then when it is announced wouldn’t it just be right on time? 🤯

  • David Lazarus
    David Lazarus

    Personally any delays aren’t an issue for me. There are already significant delays with many other products. I also like to wait until there are reviews and details of issues before buying. I might get a more expensive variant. Same with MacBooks.

  • Matthew Vlossak
    Matthew Vlossak

    I just want Apple to continue the iPhone Mini line up. I love it so much!

  • warren gaskin
    warren gaskin

    I purchased the 12 mini when it was released, usually I upgrade every 2 years or so, but since their is no iPhone Mini in the lineup for the upcoming iPhones I may just put a fresh battery in my 12 mini and keep going with that or buy the 13 mini

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Thanks so much for these informative and amazing quality content!.I really appreciate your efforts and dedication-Thanks -Keep it up🔥🙂!.

  • The Legendary
    The Legendary

    Actual Headline of this video should be:

  • Daniel Dickerson
    Daniel Dickerson

    The only aspect that I’m interested in, purely from a photography/film enthusiast perspective, are the new cameras on the 14 Pros. Otherwise, I’m personally completely happy with my 13 Pro Max. The pill being the same size as the current notch, just without the corners, is pretty weird looking so far.

  • Stephen Rebori
    Stephen Rebori

    Excellent video and your delivery of the info is top notch! Keep up the fantastic work!!

  • George Dimelis
    George Dimelis

    Android phones have always on display due to the amoled screen technology they use not due to the ltpo feature

  • Baconface McGee
    Baconface McGee

    I’m eager to see what happens.

  • Yojansel Cuevas
    Yojansel Cuevas

    I was deciding to get the iPhone 14 or 13 but there was a promotion from my carrier which I got the 13 (pink) for free so I wouldn’t care if the 14 it’s delayed personally, I’m happy with this one which i plan to have it until the 15 or 16 is out 🙌🏽

  • DRIS

    As well-known economist Peter Zeihan has said recently, because of the issues in China right now, companies that have doubled down there are in big trouble - and he singled out Apple specifically. He said there probably won't be another new iPhone for "several years" and added "I hope you like the iPhone you have now".

  • Bryce Pilgram
    Bryce Pilgram

    hey for me i am waiting for the iPhone 15 pro series. or maybe the iPhone 16 pro max with under screen Face ID sensors under the display. or for a single camera hole or no holes on front display on iPhone series. For a design change to the iphone series. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Max blue color right now. to get the new iPhone 16 pro max or a future iPhone with some big changes. like the display camera battery. and other things improvements on the next iPhone series. hopefully will get some big or small changes with the next iPhone 16 series. also will come with no notch no obstructions. on the front display on the iPhones series in the near future. or a usb-c cable for charging up the iPhones series.

  • Madzie Wolf
    Madzie Wolf

    I would love the purple variant, and I am currently holding onto my iPhone 8 before upgrading it, I did wish they would have made this new line up with usb c, like their iPads, but we will see if i can ignore that fact and go with the 14 or wait another year, my 8 is still working okay, so if I do have to wait, I can

  • Erald M
    Erald M

    I remember the good old days when all we had to worry about were some mean tweets. Now I have to worry if I can put food on the table but at least thank god the mean tweets have ended.