STOP! Don’t buy an iPad right now..
Max Tech
Apple's 10.5" iPad 10th-generation is coming in just 3 months, but the big question is THIS: Will Apple redesign the budget iPad this year or next year? Let's talk about it..
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do YOU think the iPad 10 will get a full redesign? Comment below!

  • Shilla Sanyang
    Shilla Sanyang

    What’s funny is they could legit just re release the iPad Air 4 as iPad 10

  • john lee
    john lee

    Could definitely see them doing the upgrade now since they have created the differentiation with the m1 requirement for stage manager to limit the loss of air sales

  • Michael 0788
    Michael 0788

    This could be a game changing device. Even at $399 it is such a deal with the specs and hardware. It will be interesting to see if this actually happens

  • DennisTheBrony22

    A big concern of this redesign though is a 3.5mm Headphone Jack, which I still frequently use nowadays.

  • thelonewolf191

    More than likely, the iPad 10 will stay the same design as this current one because it’s a budget tablet. I’m sure if they updated the design it might increase costs.

  • Nappyboi

    I just replaced my laptop with the Mini 6 a few weeks ago lol. Oh well, I probably wouldn’t like the larger form factor even if it was a better deal. The only thing that would make me second guess my choice would be if the base model has the improved external monitor support that the pro and air are getting for ipados 16. The black bars on my monitor aren’t crazy distracting, but it would be nice to have full screen capabilities for watching movies etc.

  • Yojansel Cuevas
    Yojansel Cuevas

    I think it would get a redesign due to USB C and larger display, an old design like that can’t keep those implementations

  • Felix Kusuma
    Felix Kusuma

    When iPhone first changing their design was on iPhone X and now the budget iPad will be getting the 10th gen, which could be named iPad X and comes with a "finally" redesigned chassis and hopefully USB-C, which of course will get increase in price but i still somehow hope they will start at $399 for the 64GB Wi-Fi model

  • transitengineer

    This is an excellent video. Hope that, Apple, Inc. keeps the basic iPad design the same for at least one more year. However, if they do a major re-design for the 10th generation iPad model, I will be said but will, just go out an buy a 9th generation to replace my current 6th generation basic iPad. Why, because I prefer the older outdated design (i.e headphone jack, home button, and lighting connector (

  • James Bell
    James Bell

    The iPad 10 is going to be the iPad Air 3 with new A series chip probably A14 but could stick with A13. No way will they cannibalise iPad Air sales by going with full redesign!

  • only skeleton
    only skeleton

    i think they will keep budget ipad the same as it is, because if it will be with new design with usb c it will basically kill ipad air, people probably wouldn’t care that it has m1, if it looks the same to them

  • Sidarth G
    Sidarth G

    I like the bezel design coz it is easy to grip it with one hand. And that design language is so much rigid than the new design

  • Dave Adams
    Dave Adams

    Hopefully the budget iPad gets USB-C this year 👍

  • Composimple

    Most points are spot on, although I don’t agree with the chassis design change. For such a very design-to-marketing driven Company, chassis change functions as ID change. To make the design most luxurious, iPad Pro will change chassis first before the budget iPad inherit the old pro design.

  • Ciprian Adrian Ciuhu
    Ciprian Adrian Ciuhu

    For them it is not really a redesign. They just reuse the parts from other Ipads . The price bump is not justified .

  • MS TK
    MS TK

    I assume usb c would mean we lose the headphone jack. 😃 I like the fact that I can use safari in desktop mode on my iPad 9 so it would make me want to upgrade if usb c and headphone jack.

  • PfropfNo1

    I just wait for the ipad or ipad air to be removed from the line up and the remaining ipad getting the specs of ipad air but price of ipad (or 100 bucks extra as usual for redesign).

  • Midnight Blue 09
    Midnight Blue 09

    Heres my prediction for the ipad 10th generation specs

  • Pixel Pusher
    Pixel Pusher

    What about the rumored 14" iPad - Pro or not? Any new rumors about it that might indicate how likely this will be?