iPhone 12 Pro Honest Review after 1 week!
Max Tech
I've been testing Apple's new iPhone 12 Pro for a week now.. so let's review it from an honest point of view and focus on what actually matters instead of the specs that you already know!
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In this Review, we don't bore you with specs and tell you everything that's obvious. We take a look at everything from an honest perspective.
Apple definitely made some sacrifices with the iPhone 12 Pro this year, but in exchange, we got some pretty amazing features and changes that are so much better than the speclist would lead you to believe.
In this full review, I go through all of the controversial topics concerning Apple's latest flagship iPhone 12, including them dropping the charger and the wired earbuds.
I also go through all of the differences that my wife has noticed about her new iPhone 12 Pro after her first week of use, including cellular reception!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Were you surprised by how LiDAR works for video autofocus in the dark? What about the REAL reason why Apple didn't include the charger and the wired earbuds in the box? Comment your thoughts below!

  • Jeffrey Lee
    Jeffrey Lee

    Coming from iphone 6 this was my big upgrade, people who complain that there’s no difference those are the people who upgrade yearly lol

  • alchemistTi

    I almost didn't watch this because I've seen so many reviews on the iPhone 12 Pro already, but right away you started covering alternative features that generally go unaddressed. Not even a single mention of Dolby Vision HDR! This was very refreshing. Thanks for the great video.

  • Youtube Kullanıcısı
    Youtube Kullanıcısı

    Fun fact: Portrait Mode on iPhone 7 was planned to be applied in to the photo AFTER you took the picture and not be shown in the viewfinder while you’re taking it, but then the human interface design team insisted that the user should see a live preview of the bokeh effect being applied. Then they agreed that that was the right way to do it, in real time.

  • Tomas Fecik
    Tomas Fecik

    Speed the video by 1.25x to have him talking like a normal person

  • ShrinkingTyler

    The X55 modem is definitely a top feature. Insane difference in comparison to every other wireless device I’ve tried. Kinda felt like when upgrade your ISP’s included router. The wireless reception is just a major improvement

  • HausOfMontague

    I was trying really hard to fight the temptation of experiencing every iPhone. When I upgraded from my favorite silver iPhone X to the iPhone 11 Pro I regretted it shortly after. And for 2 years I’ve been debating selling it and just going back to the X.

  • Loveumielle

    finally, so hype to get my iphone 12 pro coming from an iphone 6 user.

  • Trevor Thai
    Trevor Thai

    Great review!! Most of the ones I’ve seen on the 12 Pro really go in deep on what it lacks (such as 120 Hz and weaker battery life) but in your review, it is written to highlight all the good stuff and added new features Apple put in while keeping the same price point!!!

  • Nikolai Mihailov
    Nikolai Mihailov

    Interesting perspective and great points brought up, but the biggest most important upgrade in a smartphone would be the display since that's what you interact with all the time. So I will wait for 120hz... I like the iphone 12, but I'll be damned if I don't regret spending 1000 bucks on a phone with the intention of using it for 5-6 years and missing the massive display improvement.

  • Daryl Cheshire
    Daryl Cheshire

    I just got one last Saturday coming from the 8 plus. There are many subtle improvements. I considered the Max which is the same size as the 8 plus but I wanted a slightly smaller phone and wasn’t fussed about the slightly reduced camera specs. I was very interested in LiDAR.

  • Rolling Stone
    Rolling Stone

    I really respect your reviews, and you always raise good points. However, this new flat edge redesign is not a good move in a 6.1 inch or larger phone. Keep in mind people liked that design on the iPhone 4 and 5 because they were much smaller devices. A 6.1 inch phone with flat edges is not comfortable to hold. I’ve had mine for a week and am returning it for a mini.

  • regina cahyani
    regina cahyani

    the iphone 5 is my favorite apple design ever and because of that i thought about upgrading my iphone 11pro to the iphone 12 pro. I was checking for the unit the other day and seriously i could feel the difference immediately once i held it. Yess from the design and also from the screen that become a little bit more flat and expands and the camera stability is bomb. Didn't notice any other difference so far tho because my phone still haven't arrived yet. Hopefully would get them this weekend! So excited

  • Mark Shine
    Mark Shine

    I’m watching this on an iPhone 6s! Haha

  • Denis KH
    Denis KH

    Agreed with everything you’ve said! You only able to see how nice an iPhone 12 pro is when you actually own it. Cellular service is definitely improved! Which is a huge deal for me! Absolutely a great phone, perhaps, I was disappointed that phone came out without 120hz, but after a week of using it, I don’t even think 12 pro needs 120hz screen as iOS is extremely smooth.

  • John Carl
    John Carl

    I have an 11 pro and am waiting for my 12 pro. I love taking nice pictures so any camera improvement from the previous gen is worth upgrading to me. The slight increase in screen size plus the new body design will also make it feel like a viable upgrade.

  • Bruce Kennedy
    Bruce Kennedy

    Great review. Very well thought through and honest. The observations on the modem and the lidar on video are something I’ve not seen not covered on other reviews. And I think your view on the charger and headphones is the best presented argument I’ve seen. Def financial first, enviro second decision from Apple, but on balance, I agree it was a good call by them.

  • Xせすしゅまる

    I am currently using a iPhone 12 Pro and I just really love the way the phone looks. I don’t have a any problem with the notch nor the 60hz screen. All applications launches at a fast speed and the OS/software is on point with application support and updates.

  • Adrian

    Great review ! I'm glad someone finally touched on the poor multitasking of the previous 4GB ram iPhones. I'm so glad they've improved it.

  • Pirarre Miller
    Pirarre Miller

    Dude talks like he's telling a story to a kindergarten class...