Apple M1 MacBook Air Honest Review - We Were Wrong..
Max Tech
After Two Weeks with the 2020 M1 powered MacBook Air, here's Everything we've Discovered and our Final Verdict!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Were you surprised by the sustained performance under load? Let us know below!

  • Justin Siebert
    Justin Siebert

    Dawg, you literally answered every question I had been juggling in my head.

  • Amber Gonzalez
    Amber Gonzalez

    I have had both the M1 Air and Pro for almost a year now, and I can say both laptops are amazing quality. Honestly, I don’t see any significant difference between the performance quality between the two. I actually prefer the air most of the time. I edit videos, pictures, and run a few other programs for work that I didn’t think the air would be able to handle, but it does. If I was to give most people advice on which one to get my answer would be the air!

  • pbrin

    I love these reviews. Energetic and with lots of facts, data and side by side comparisons. Subscribed. I’ve been a MBA user since I switched from Windows in 2011. Never looked back. Now we have M1 and the upcoming later generations of M chips. My 2018 MBA might be handed down pretty soon!

  • Worldtraveler1994

    Hi Max! I've been seeing everyone say how truly great the M1 Air is, and I tried it out pretty early. It's definitely ticked all my boxes, but there were just a few concerns that I kept seeing, so I sent it back. The two biggest issues I had was certain websites saying I was using all the Ram (Zillow - I got 8GB), and having the sound cut out every so often and sometimes really often when I had my Airpods Pro connected to it. My computer seemed to almost grind to a halt whenever I was using only the Zillow webpage on Safari, and sometimes it would completely reload. I've never had that issue on any other computer. Do you have any thoughts on why either of these things might be happening and if they will improve with M chips down the line? Or does it even have anything to do with the chip? Thanks!

  • Ryan Lennox-Bradley
    Ryan Lennox-Bradley

    I bought a base model. Thought I would regret not getting the mini (8 core gpu As well) with 16gb ram. No regrets, performs amazing and can edit 3 streams of 4k with colour effects in final cut. Way more than I need

  • MrAmr8

    I find the M1 to be way more powerful and comfortable for long usage than the Pro, but I prefer the design of the air

  • ultramet

    I bought the higher end M1 Air. 16 GB RAM. Best LAPTOP I’ve ever purchased. HANDS DOWN.

  • Joel Barnabas
    Joel Barnabas

    Awesome review, Max. Your thorough reviews played a huge part in my purchase decision. Bought the 8/8/512 air. I'm blown away. Been using their pro laptops since the mid 2000s.

  • eStyle greesyE
    eStyle greesyE

    I bought it, too and I'm absolutely impressed! Way better than the Intel Mac before. Battery life lasts for about 1-2 weeks with my personal usage. I have mine for about two weeks now and I'm totally satisfied!

  • zeppelin1001

    I just ordered an M1 MacBook Air (16GB/512GB). I've proudly never given Apple my money before this, but the M1 MacBook is truly a standout. As much as I prefer Windows/Intel, I think it will take years for them to catch up. I look forward to not have to look for a wall outlet or to not bring a portable charger for my laptop all the time.

  • Andrea Richardson
    Andrea Richardson

    I ordered the MacBook Air M1 8 GB RAM model (with 512 GB SSD). I agonized over whether to get the 16 GB RAM model but I just couldn’t justify the extra cost for how I’m using it (for office work, web, etc). Clearly the 8 GB RAM will be plenty fast for my uses. Very encouraged by all the reviews I’m seeing.

  • Mohammad Ali
    Mohammad Ali

    This is exactly why I think of which Mac to buy. From speed and producing heat to thickness, weight, battery life and charging down to resolution, RAM and and portability. I personally think of using my budget on bigger Mac models (laptops), even if it has to deal with a tablet. Personally I hate it when my devices produce heat too much.

  • Mark Hacz
    Mark Hacz

    Agreed.. most perfect machine I own. Regularly choose it over my 16" i9, just because the silence itself is worth it since I record a lot of audio. The fact that it's snappier, quieter, and is 1/3 of the price, is actually insane. I'm super hyped to see where the future takes this chip.

  • Trebloc

    Thanks for the very informative video. That new M1 chip is no joke. It absolutely blows the competition out of the water, and without any fans. Holy God the technical prowess to make this thing is just impressive.

  • ytwos1

    I went for the base model. I love the colour and I already distilled what you now confirm out of the initial reviews. So is this the first Apple product that is extremely fairly priced / a bargain almost. I think so, really worth the 999.

  • Tania Rosa
    Tania Rosa

    The battery life is just mind-blowing!!

  • Jack Dixon
    Jack Dixon

    I've had the 8 core GPU version for 5 days now and it's incredible. It almost seems like a horrendous business idea from Apple, it's made the 13" Pro almost irrelevant but I'm not complaining. This is to replace my Early 2011 MacBook Pro that finally died last week that cost about £2500 10 years ago with the SSD upgrade and I really wanted another MacBook Pro but I couldn't find a single review that could justify the extra money. I picked this up for £1150 and it just seems so wrong to be able to get this much performance for less than an iPhone 12 pro Max.

  • Chris Leiter
    Chris Leiter

    I absolutely love my M1 MBP, and it’s only the first M-series laptop I will buy. Once the ‘performance’ versions release, I’ll be getting a 16” to replace my work laptop (2018 15” i7) which this one runs absolute circles around. 3 times faster in most tasks I’ve tested.

  • Geddy

    I became interested in switching back to a Mac laptop and found this review, absolutely everything I wanted to know (with numbers on numbers on numbers) + the sound comparison... excellent review. And I am sold - thank you for making this. Subscribed.