Apple M2 Chip Full Performance Benchmarks Revealed! 🤯
Max Tech
Benchmarks for Apple's brand new M2 chip going into the NEW MacBook Air and MacBook Pro have LEAKED online! Let's analyze how they compare to Apple's M1 chip..
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Apple's M2 chip benchmarks have leaked for Geekbench 5, Cinebench, AND GFXBench Metal 5.0. Let's take a look!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are YOU happy about the M2 Chip's performance? Comment below!

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    This is insane!.I really thought there would be some minimal improvements but this is a lot more then I expected!.Thanks so much for your continuous efforts and dedication in creating these unique and informative videos!.Keep it up!.

  • Will Lewis
    Will Lewis

    We're gonna feel those M2 gains so hard when the Pro, Max and Ultra variants come out!!

  • Guy Roland KOMAN
    Guy Roland KOMAN

    Thanks a lot for the hard work. I don’t understand why some people say are criticizing geekbench. The single core performance is actually a good measurement of performance.

  • Beaglefreilauf Kalkar
    Beaglefreilauf Kalkar

    Apple didnt say its 18% faster, Apple said its 18% faster at the same power usage, and that is impressive

  • sinklerxpd

    Apple surprised. I did not expect such an improvement. Especially in single core and GPU performance. It will be “snappy”. There will be a lot of performance for most ordinary people. I have an M1 Air with 16GB of unified memory and great performance for my purposes.

  • kingpin 1905
    kingpin 1905

    Maybe there also was some cooling improvements.

  • Sammmy Ahmad
    Sammmy Ahmad

    This is great! But I'm looking forward to your scores with the M2 MacBook Air, because I'm skeptical about thermal throttling in that fanless design.

  • Christopher 3D
    Christopher 3D

    The Embree libraries have been ported to the M1 architecture and use the chip's NEON SIMD units, so it's essentially native. My understanding is that these initial NEON registers aren't as wide as intel's newest AVX registers however, so a modern Intel chip would still outperform the M1 on a head-to-head test using those registers. I'm sure that'll change with time.

  • Jordan Brett
    Jordan Brett

    I'm more interested in the comparison between the m2 and m1 pro variants

  • Colin-kun :3
    Colin-kun :3

    Nice.. I might seriously get myself a M2-MBA after watching some real life comparisons.

  • godsakes

    Anyone tested the h.264/265 encoding yet? I wanna see how big a difference that encoding chip makes

  • Thad Crouch
    Thad Crouch

    I'M STOKED! I've been doing moderate-level video editing for 12 years with Intel MPBs when I'm on the go. I was holding out until the M2 release to choose either a 14" M1Pro MBP, M2 MPB, or M2 Air. I'm pretty confident that an M2 MBA is ALL I need with these benchmarks, the extra video encoders, GPU cores, and 100GB/S bandwidth RAM

  • bushgreen

    There's no IPC gain on the M2 CPU. The extra performance is from the higher clock speed because of the 2nd generation 5NP node.

  • Coz Fi
    Coz Fi

    After a lot of manual calculations, it turns out it's reasonable to buy the M1 Pro 16'' base model

  • Stay Brill
    Stay Brill

    I’m so stoked for this. As always, thank you for your hard work on these videos 💪🏻

  • Mel Gross
    Mel Gross

    According to Anandtech, Apple’s specs are almost always conservative. But I think it’s it’s difficult to do formal testing on SoC’s. What test functions really duplicate how the chip works if it separates testing in just the CPU or GPU when the chip uses the machine learning cores, Neural Engine, ISP, etc?

  • Mehdi

    I wonder if the maintain of the 13’’ MBP in the line up does hide a risk a thermal throttling more important with the M2. And thus a more significant gap with MBA M2.

  • V BW
    V BW

    Will love see some reviewer do the PRICE to PERFORMANCE comparison. Especially in developing countries where Apple charges heavy premium over dollar exchange rate, while PC laptops are many times charged according to USD exchange rate or even at a discount.

  • Nathan Hatton
    Nathan Hatton

    I wonder if the apple performance claims are based on the MacBook Air performance, so that customers expect that level as a baseline, and the pro allows for a bit more