Apple is FINALLY Bringing Back This LEGENDARY Product!
Max Tech
Apple Changed the World in 1991 When They Released THIS Product, and Now They Are BRINGING IT BACK!
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  • Marsorry Ickua
    Marsorry Ickua

    I’m glad they’re being it back. Discontinuing something and working on a truly new generation is better than simply staying quiet and getting pressured by the geeks to update it and having them remind everyone how many years it’s been!

  • cricket fever studios
    cricket fever studios

    Extremely knowledgable informative and debating topic keep up IRglors u are gonna rock in the future

  • Doug Scott
    Doug Scott

    I had that original airport. I used it with a Wall Street PowerBook. Great stuff.

  • yoRRnl

    I went for the Onedrive route. Works great and is a nice solution to work in a PC/Mac inviornment. Even my phone's (androids) are backingup automaticly when it enters home wifi and is plugged on the wall. I think the missing link for many is a time machine in the cloud. Now i have to do this with my NAS.

  • Duda OutLoud
    Duda OutLoud

    Used it! Owned it! Loved it! (I had the blue one). The iBook was iconic and world class (at the time). I had the airport base station as well. Ground breaking for the time. I should have never sold either one 😥

  • James Fiegel
    James Fiegel

    I had the Blueberry one the first computer I ever owned....and it was portable and I could take it to a coffee shop :) And the handle helped :) It was a well built machine too!!!

  • craig g
    craig g

    I used to use Time Capules, and loved them! But my last one died shortly after they were discontinued. Would love to see a new wifi 6e model. Especially if they had a 3 node mesh option!

  • Alex Tirrell
    Alex Tirrell

    I can't remember clearly now but I definitely played around with some early Wifi stuff. My dad worked in Apple Education sales and was always bringing new tech home to try. We had a Lucent Technologies wireless base station which was basically what Apple rebranded -- I seem to recall both actually used a Lucent PC card inside a case -- we'd also have the PC cards for our Mac laptops at home to actually use it. It was certainly groundbreaking and watching Steve do that demo was wild at the time. I can't quite remember which comes first but a quick search seems to be Apple was the first company Lucent worked with.

  • rml695

    I remember the original tangerine iBook fondly. I had to get a new Mac two years ago, but I wanted to wait and see if they’d bring back colors with the M1. Sadly they didn’t, and as I said, I couldn’t wait. If I could? I would get one of these new (rumored) colored Airs this winter.


    Time capsule was soo cool at the time. Ubiquity products have recently been my go to. If they bring back airport, I'll def give it a serious look.

  • Sonny Hung
    Sonny Hung

    Max, I have a Tangerine and Lime iBook in my possession still. Apple's Wi-Fi offering in the original AirPort was a great feature. I have one of those too. It will be nice to see what Apple will bring to market and how it will impact the current offerings, and how it may change the landscape we currently use.

  • Steven Peralta
    Steven Peralta

    I'll believe it when I see it. But if true, I would buy one today (assuming "reasonable" pricing). The Apple Airport routers were always the gold standard for easy setup and reliable quiet operation. I was really bummed when they discontinued the series. I'm still running an Airport Extreme 802.11ac as my main router, along with an Airport Extreme 802.11n as a range extender and a 2 Time Capsules 802.11n for Time Machine backups, all ORIGINAL equipment, bought new. The big problem is, they're all getting OLD and starting to show signs of wear. I would love to replace them with more capable, up-to-date Apple hardware when available, otherwise, it the main router craps out I would have to look at the mesh network offerings from third parties. So, Apple, get cracking and make us some new routers!!

  • Ted LaVanway
    Ted LaVanway

    I would definitely buy this and I’m glad to see they’re coming out with it…

  • The Gerbil
    The Gerbil

    the iBook G3 STILL looks awesome! IT was an amazing machine, and I owed several of them, including the original tangerine and lime :)

  • blueshapti

    I have been waiting. Love my extreme and definitely will buy new one from Apple.

  • OldOiler

    I had Apple’s AirPort Extreme with their Express’ hubs for years. It was a good system and worked well; until it didn’t. I recently switched to an eero Pro 6 system. There is absolutely no comparison in the simplicity of setting up the eero system, in conjunction with how well it works, and along with the app that lets you control everything in a super simplistic way.

  • Pig E
    Pig E

    Definitely would consider. Miss my airport.

  • True Cuckoo
    True Cuckoo

    Today, most people already get a solution from their ISP. In order to beat what they’re offering, perhaps they’ll go full on 5G? And also give it a full day battery so you can bring it with you? Also extending WiFi through a whole house is still a bit hit and miss. They should solve that once and for all.

  • Fitch

    Thanks for the heads up. It gives me time to consider this. I didn't have a great experience with the AirPort Extreme I bought in 2014. Neither did my sister. They both died. in 2019 within a couple of weeks of each other. The hard drive crashed and Apple had exactly zero interest in fixing it. I have a nice workaround now. Between the faux DIY repair program and my experience with their router, unless it has some feature that's irresistible, which is unlikely at this point, I'm probably going to pass on their new router.

  • Bram vandenbroeck
    Bram vandenbroeck

    I have 2 of the iBooks, the blueberry and the tangerine, the 2 first ones. And i still rock an airport extreme base station, it's fast enough for my household, i was hoping for apple to come out with a new airport base station! Glad to know!