14" iPad Max LEAKED - Why it's Apple's Master Plan!
Max Tech
We just got some new 14" iPad leaks from multiple reliable sources that essentially CONFIRM that we'll be getting a new larger 14" iPad sooner rather than later! Let me explain..
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Would YOU buy a 14" iPad from Apple? Let me know in the comments!

  • e r g o j o s h
    e r g o j o s h

    If they really hit that $750 base price, I know alot of artist hanging on to their 2017/2018 ipads would consider upgrading!

  • merope alcyone
    merope alcyone

    I'm hoping there will be a 16" too, so the icons can be even further apart.

  • TP Shimmons
    TP Shimmons

    Why would you compare the size of the 14 to an 11? You should have the 12.9 there instead.

  • Emulord

    In any case, that'll be a

  • Onyxus

    Can you stop saying “CONFIRMED” to leaks/rumors? It’s not confirmed until Apple unveils the product. 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Se7enity

    I would buy a 14.1” iPad if it had a mini LED display and pro motion. Without these features, it just seems to be yet another cash grab by Apple. MacOS would have to be an option.

  • Jarrett Munton
    Jarrett Munton

    I really hope it’s the home hub idea, I’d love a screen in the living room for guests to control smart lights and for me to see who’s at the door when the doorbell rings. I’ve been considering setting up an iPad for that purpose but it would be amazing to see apple design something specifically for that purpose

  • The Migue Pizar Show
    The Migue Pizar Show

    I think it would have definitely have an M chip, it doesn't make sense that size without stage manager, and maybe with the same price you said but maybe a 999 pack with the keyboard included, in any case, I think apple is experiment with that size, so if it goes good, then they will bring that size to the PRO's Ipads, and if not, then nothing happens, but it might be a success if stage manager and more pro apps really replace a laptop.

  • Loren

    I think it could be an iPad Air Max possibly designed for artists and those who need a larger display (such as businesses who use iPads as ordering devices or bringing construction plans to the field).

  • Michael Perez
    Michael Perez

    A 15" iPad Air with an M2 paired with an LED screen sounds to me like an amazing machine. I'm just waiting to see what Apple does in terms of professional applications by the time these machines are launched!

  • Shaun Halgryn
    Shaun Halgryn

    Reminds me of the time everyone mocked Samsung for the note being large, same thing happened with their S8 ultra, now iPad is getting super large and it will be the best thing since sliced bread. Hey, I would love the 14” at that price, but it would need quad speakers so I can actually enjoy watching content on that big screen.

  • Caden Churchill
    Caden Churchill

    As long as they keep the 11” model around I’m happy!

  • Khomkrit Pi Traisuphachoke
    Khomkrit Pi Traisuphachoke

    If you made an iPad screen at 3:2 aspect ratio at 14.1", it will have almost the same height as the 12.9" iPad Pro! just about an inch wider. Apple could make the iPad Pro screen larger in late 2023 or early 2024, and give it the same Magic Keyboard that will be debut alongside this new iPad.

  • KDL

    Damn. I have the 11" and I've had the 12.9". Honestly, the 12.9" has a nice screen and it's lovely, BUT WAY TOO BIG! I rather just use my MacBook. But, the screen! <3 14" IS GOING TO BE MASSIVE!

  • Louis Luzuka
    Louis Luzuka

    I’m a little confused, I love the 11” model so we gonna go big or go home? Guess I’m keeping my iPad 2020

  • Casper S�
    Casper S�

    I think Apple could give it Stage Manager without an M1 without breaking their narrative, if they give it 8GB of RAM

  • digipifini

    If you have a non-pro 14” for the regular consumer, we will immediately have the pro user base pining for an equivalent sized iPad Pro, which can be released about a year later after building the drama concerning pro users. Apple marketing genius at it’s best.

  • Md.Tawhidul Islam
    Md.Tawhidul Islam

    I will Buy the 11" M2 iPad Pro. That's the best one for Gaming. I'm super excited to see the M2's GPU's performance in iPad Pro

  • Alex Bolton
    Alex Bolton

    This is what I've been waiting for the most from Apple for several years. Not the iPhone, not the MacBook or the Apple Watch. But an iPad with an even bigger screen. I'm really looking forward to it.