Backbone One Review - The BEST iPhone Gaming Controller!
Max Tech
Apple's working on a SECRET Gaming Controller that's JUST like this one.. Let me show you!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Are YOU gonna wait for Apple's new Gaming Controller? Comment below!

  • Scooley

    Yeah except Backone sneaks in the fact that their features and app are locked behind a paywall called Backbone +, which isn't advertised at all and you only find out about after you buy the controller. $50 a year after a whoopie free year. Be aware! Hopefully Apple does make their own soon!

  • Crestofhonor 23
    Crestofhonor 23

    It is a great controller as I have it. Also using wired headphones is best because Bluetooth audio has far too much lag for games meaning stuff will be delayed so that's why they provided a headphone jack. You should play audio wired as that's for the best experience

  • Max Ziebell
    Max Ziebell

    I bought it when it came out. Only thing is … first party support by Apple would be great, and the lightning connect being more flexible (little compartment with spring or small portion of cable) over the fixed position would be great. I have to remove the case because the lightning connector requires a "tight" fit… not the clamp… only the position of the connector.

  • Raghav Vijay
    Raghav Vijay

    Thanks for your awesome and amazing quality content-Really appreciate your efforts in creating such informative and entertaining content!.You are awesome-Keep it up🙂🔥!.

  • MajorPickleSwag

    Definitely not the best controller. It looks great but the joysticks are small, like the joycons. I would much rather use the razer kishi because of the bigger joysticks and bigger buttons. But yea, hopefully apple releases their own iphone controller.

  • bRiMaTiOn

    The adaptor makes it slant. I do not like that in a $100 controller. I think it’s important not to ignore.

  • Alvin

    your channel is one of the best tech channels out there, keep up the good work! 1M subs soon^^

  • Coolica

    I think the only flaw is that you can't attach a phone cooler on the back due to the way the back support bar stretches across the back of the device. That's probably the only flaw I see, given the heating issues of iPhones and gaming.

  • Luis Cruz
    Luis Cruz

    you know it’s a gaming video when max tech uploads at 60fps

  • Jazter

    Hey Vadim, you said you have it a 9/10 because everything has been working fine and you love it. But you didn't tell us why you took a point off from making it a 10/10. How come it's not a perfect score?

  • Joe Piervincenti
    Joe Piervincenti

    Why would a skin prevent something from it connecting to a lightning port? The Razer Kishi is great, works the same way as this Backbone does.

  • Bayron Villalobos
    Bayron Villalobos

    I think you need to compare it to the razer kishi and after that you can give us the results and say which one is the best.

  • JG

    I got the gamesir X2 Bluetooth and I think it’s better because you can use it with your ipad or apple tv as a controller too.

  • The Urban Rebel
    The Urban Rebel

    If this is true, the next question to be asked is does it come with a lightening or USB-C connector? or both options? Rumour has it iPhone 15 comes with USB-C

  • Sam Invest
    Sam Invest

    How about the weight of the pros iPhones? Cause I bought a one ps5 controller holder for both iPhone and the controller but the iPhone 13 pro max is so heavy and I couldn’t play an entire apex game cause it was hurting… the iPhone is insane heavy! Lol was almost thinking in buying a regular iPhone 13 for that cause is way light

  • Darthen X
    Darthen X

    That's pretty cool.

  • flamesword300

    I just want a controller like the Razer Kishi or the backbone I can put on my phone WITH it’s case on.

  • Say Man very good
    Say Man very good

    Can I ask you a question? This device can be used to control a drone dji mavic 3 pro?

  • ilikepieism

    If only there was a vertical mount version of this