iPadOS 16 - The TRUTH After 1 Week! (what went wrong)..
Max Tech
Apple FINALLY Gave iPadOS 16 way better multitasking with Stage Manager and proper external display support, but why aren't people happy?
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    What do YOU think about iPadOS 16 and Apples EXCUSE I talk about in the video?

  • Zilch

    The reason why the external display didn’t extend for you is because a mouse and keyboard is required. If you attach it to your Magic Keyboard, it will work immediately, otherwise it will just simply mirror the display. Source: I also have a 12.9” M1 iPad Pro and Studio Display. It did exactly what yours did, too, until I attached the Magic Keyboard.

  • Joshua Lopez
    Joshua Lopez

    Apple limiting stage manager to M1 has to be more of an up sell strategy and not a technical limitation.

  • Krishanu Singh
    Krishanu Singh

    I wanted something like Samsung DeX for iPad Pro M1. Even though the android OS is not optimised for tablets, the features offered by Samsung are excellent for the price. It would have been icing on the cake if thy came out lite version of apps like Final Cut Pro, Adobe etc.

  • John Blythe
    John Blythe

    My 2018 iPad Pro does everything I need it to do. I can get by without stage manager. Not upgrading to an M1 just because Apple wants me to.

  • Shaveeshka Rathnayake
    Shaveeshka Rathnayake

    From what I can see, with these highly powerful CPUs like M1, Apple is at this critical stage where they need to define their exactly what each of their products are. It's a very fine line which Apple threads very carefully over the years despite what apple fans and consumers are complaining asking for more features. I have no idea what will happen to Apple if this keep on going. One way or another they are going to have to address the issue in a more direct way rather than being subtle.

  • Future Tyrant
    Future Tyrant

    Not gonna lie I bought a 12.9 iPad Pro w/ the magic keyboard and Apple Pencil in 2020 and I loved it, I was using it as my main computer for the longest and loved how the iPad fundamentally worked for my workflow but as my needs started to get a lot more demanding I started to see the limitations of the software to a point where it felt suffocating for my workflow, last year I bought an m1 pro MacBook Pro as the iPad just wasn’t doing it for me anymore, I just started to feel like an overblown iPhone, but even the iPhone has more features than the iPad so I can’t even say that, like how are we in 2022 still w no calculator app and just now getting a weather app.m? Now that I got the MacBook I honestly see no use case for the iPad Pro anymore. And it’s a shame, I spent $1500 dollars on the set up just for it to be turned into a IRglo watching device with light sketching from time to time, it’s honestly kinda become useless to me at this point.

  • Kevin Taylor
    Kevin Taylor

    I was completely unimpressed by more or less everything Apple announced at WWDC this year. When the keynote address headlines with improvements to the iPhone lock screen, you know there’s not going to be much upside to the announcements.

  • deeceelife

    Love the video! Completely agree: I will not upgrade my iPad Pro till pro apps work on it. Being able to resize Apps and having external screen support aren't enough for me to upgrade. If you want people to buy more iPads, upgrade the software to keep up with the powerful processor! It's really that simple. Why are Macs selling really well? It's because your processor has been upgraded and your software and pro apps can take full advantage of it.

  • Davester45

    I feel like these upgrades are really nice given that it’s the first beta, and given that they’re giving tools for developers to make desktop class apps (and allowing memory swap on newer models). While it’s indeed sad that Apple killed off immediately their older ipads, maybe they will change (just like how live text was allowed for intel macbooks). Point of the matter being that for the time being they seem to be heading in a better direction than last year.

  • Sven Magnus
    Sven Magnus

    The extra power definitely has its use when you use these for music making. More instruments, more effects. That’s what I bought the iPad Pro m1 for and it didn’t disappoint.

  • theartsylife

    Thanks for the recap. I'm a bit disappointed by the update - was hoping for a more Mac looking iPadOS. I feel they need to decide soon which way they are taking iPads. It is so powerful it could be a competitor to the surface and other 2 in 1 laptops but they are keeping it like a overpowered tablet. Hoping better things are to come

  • Mina H.
    Mina H.

    Absolutely insane only m1 are updated with better multitasking. Apple is becoming more and more shady every year.

  • Baba Ghanoush
    Baba Ghanoush

    Apple has a history of introducing new features and not enabling them on older hardware so this is expected. The answer to why Apple did this is simple… It matches their business model.

  • ANDY A
    ANDY A

    For external monitor support you need a mouse connected, if not there's no way of controlling the monitor screen

  • B Woods
    B Woods

    I'm trying my hardest not to complain about iPadOS but it's a tough feat.... I don't expect mindblowing improvements every year but iPadOS has been software limited for quite some time


    It's interesting to see the different experiences of using Stage Manager between beta testers on IRglo, hopefully the bugs get worked out before its released, I'm really looking forward to iOS 16.

  • Horng Bin Ou
    Horng Bin Ou

    I am very confused. Even with iOS 16, the iPad Pro still doesn't improve anything on productivity. Alone by itself, it has the potential to run the pro softwares, but it's not. Having a better multitasking and organized system are good, but what could I accomplish at the end of the day if I only have the iPad Pro with me?

  • chrisak49

    The side by side apps implementation from last year for iPad was good enough for me. I think Stage Manager is an ok addition. The bigger announcement is external display support. Being able to basically have 2 screens with iPad is a game changer.

  • Charmin Baer
    Charmin Baer

    iPadOS has been working fine for me. The new features are cool, but what I really want is for Apple to bring back Aperture and make a version for iPad. Wouldn’t hurt to also bring FCP to iPad as well.