Why Apple is Buying out EA Games (Genius Master Plan!) 💡
Max Tech
Apple is in talks to buy EA Games which is a HUGE deal for the future of Apple gaming, so let's talk about exactly what Apple would be gaining and what they'd do with it!
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  • Max Tech
    Max Tech

    Do YOU think Apple should buy EA Games? Comment below!

  • Harvey Smith
    Harvey Smith

    Imagine if they get the deal done and announce it at WWDC 🤯

  • Neil Kenneth
    Neil Kenneth

    It's like the 120909742394th time you've used that laughing Tim Cook in your thumbnails lol!

  • Alan Hughes
    Alan Hughes

    Apple: *does anything

  • Evan Le
    Evan Le

    If Apple owned EA, we’d finally get The Sims but natively for Apple Silicon which would be amazing!

  • Alex Klusa
    Alex Klusa

    Apple: Charging is 29.99

  • Marb's Music
    Marb's Music

    I have a family of 6, the $30 a month is a steal IMHO. You get Apple Fitness+, 6 people access to Apple Music, Apple TV+, News, Arcade etc... and 2TB of iCloud.

  • Andrew Green
    Andrew Green

    I read about this great video

  • CROM MountainGod
    CROM MountainGod

    If Apple really wanted to make traction in the gaming space I do believe that purchasing EA would be one way to grow for sure, but its not guaranteed. It is a lot of franchises, but a lot of them aren't doing too well in the gaming community as a whole (I'm looking at you Battlefield) and EA's reputation as a micro transaction and loot crate cess pool has driven a lot of gamers away from their games (I'm looking at you Battlefront). With all that said, Apple Arcade truly needs to adopt support for Vulkan as well as its Metal API if they are serious about gaming. Doing that would allow for extremely fast turn around to port older games into the platform, as well as allow other AAA studios to release games on the Apple platform. Apple is notorious for controlling the distribution platforms, and would shun the, frankly, better game distribution platforms out there like Steam or the Epic Games Store to compete with them to deliver games. I'm all for Mac gaming and would love to see it, but they need to open up the platform more like Microsoft has done with Windows to allow more freedom for publishers to deliver their games and us consumers to choose the games we like.

  • Michael Stanton
    Michael Stanton

    I’m in the “I’ll believe it when I see it” side of the fence. I just don’t see it happening.

  • bluecalix

    Good shout, the apple one service is KILLER. Apple music, AppleTV+, extra storage, Apple Fitness, Arcade all in one. Insane value 30$ a month covers the entire family.

  • Steve Seidel
    Steve Seidel

    This is absolutely the deal Apple should be making. However, don't get your hopes up. This is Apple. They have NEVER, in the history of their existence understood the gaming market or the desires of their customers in this respect.

  • Garret Zenanko
    Garret Zenanko

    That’s a check mate move. 👀

  • Ankit Arya
    Ankit Arya

    EA doesn’t own any sports franchises. Just have partnerships with them. Plus with fifa they had a falling out so EA can’t use the fifa name from next year.

  • Nutral Black
    Nutral Black

    Lol 😂 the sims is huge

  • Sacto1654

    This could mean that Apple may provide tools for EA Games to take full advantage of the multiple GPU design on "Apple Silicon."

  • Romeo Mariano
    Romeo Mariano

    Apple could buy EA and keep it an independent subsidiary like Filemaker Corporation. This way Apple can still let EA create games for ofher platforms like Windows, XBox, and Playstation.

  • Lama Steve
    Lama Steve

    Gaming is a target !

  • Matthew Bossert
    Matthew Bossert

    I think Apple Buying EA would make sense. Every EA game that would be made would fully work on Apple Siilcon and some Apple ecosystem only Games. Ie: Iphone Mac Ipad. There will be some games they can't lock down like any sports licenses and some other titles. But hey maybe will see the true difference between Apple Cpu and Gpu performance in gaming against AMD Intel and Nvidia hardware, Also If they were to do handhelds then Buying a Gaming company would make sense for that.

  • Shahar Rozenbloom
    Shahar Rozenbloom

    אפל תיצור Sims Celebrity בקילר רעיון עם רכישות ובתשלום חודשי גם. עם מפורסמים אמיתיים או משחק Celeb, Celeb Sport, Celeb Music בפטנט. כולל שחקני כדורגל וכדורסל וטניס.ותרכוש את Maxis עם Civ וSim City ותיצור את Xulo Empire, וChina Empire, וMedival Europe וNew Era Europe וParis וLondon כמו Sim City החל מימי הביניים. ויהיה גם משחק Women NBAc וWomen Fifa עם שחקניות אמיתיות וטניס Women.